Going to a restaurant/movies by yourself


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I was just wondering if any of you ever go to a movie or restaurant by yourself? If so are you embarassed or are you perfectly fine with the fact that your alone.


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I was in the pub with my family on the weekend and saw a woman sat on her own. I thought she looked quite sad and lonely. I feel that you should go to those places with other people to be honest. Cinemas are different though 'cause you're sat watching a film but I would much rather have someone there with me to be honest.


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I dont mind. Depends on what kinda restaurant. Movies is no problem, sometimes there is just nobody who wanna watch it, or can afford it..


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I would have a problem going to a restaurant on my own, they are places to be social imo, enjoying a meal/drinks with friends and family. Movies are different though, you just sit there in silence focusing on the screen, so I wouldn't be embarrassed to go on my own. I would probably make sure I went later than I would if I was with someone though, so I could just go straight to sit down rather than hanging around.
I have never done either of them solo. I don't see the point. If I want to watch a movie by myself, I'll rent a DVD... or if I want to eat by myself, I know how to cook. I only like doing the other things with people.
I don't see a problem with either, though personally I would never go to a restaurant by myself for a number of reasons.

I've been to the cinema by myself once before. It was the day after I'd been with friends so I didn't even bother asking them if they wanted to go a second time, I just felt like going on my own randomly whilst I was already in town. It wasn't the kind of movie that anyone I'm friends with would probably enjoy anyway.

I remember answering this thread question before, because I hadn't done either. But I think it was a pretty long time ago now..


The return shall be legenday!
I've never been to the cinema by myself because if I want to see movie I can always go with my girlfriend or find friends that will join me. But sometimes I have a craving for my favorite restaurant, and not many people like to go there so I'll go there by myself. Sometimes I feel embarassed but I tell myself there's no reason to be and the feeling passes...the food does help me get over the fack of being lonely sometimes lol.