Going through the whole day without a break


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I was wondering if any of you guys had the discipline to go through your whole work day(8 hours) without a break which also includes your lunch? Or there's no way you could accomplish the feat?



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I do it from time to time. but it aint something u should do imo :p u need to chill some and get some food in your body
"Going through the whole day with a break " Your title tricked me.:lol:

I've done it many times, it's really not that difficult if you're busy enough.


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It's doable for me, although the difficulty of it depends a lot on the job. I'd imagine there are some jobs where it might actually be not humanly possible.


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We're entitled to a 10 minute break in the morning, an hour for lunch and another 10 minute break in the afternoon. I only ever take my lunch hour as I am really busy at work all the time and would struggle to finish otherwise. I work through my lunch a lot though. I don't mind too much as it makes the day go quicker when I am really busy.


The return shall be legenday!
I can go along period of time without taking a break...5-6 hours, but there's a time during my shift that I need to take a break and just eat and relax for 15 or 30 minutes. However when I go to work hungover I tend to slack off a lot more. Which leads me not to take a break because I cant really eat anything and the amount of time slacking off compensates for my breaks...and what I mean by slacking off is usually 2 hours without getting any work done lol.


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I get one hour for lunch per day and I almost always take it. Sometimes i'll eat at my desk but I dont do any work.

There have been plenty of times, however, where I've had to work through lunch and just kinda eat here or there while I work...just to make sure I get everything done.


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I get a 15 minute break. If I work over 5 hours a day, that 15 minute break becomes a 1/2 hour break. I'm legally required to take the full 1/2 hour for lunch (I can't work through it, and I can't cut it even 1 minute short). If I work 7.5+ hours, I get a 15 minute break in addition to the 1/2 hour lunch. If I work 8.5+ hours (I believe it is), I get 2 15 minute breaks in addition to the mandatory lunch.


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I can't even remember the last time time I took a break, never mind left the office at 5pm. I'm in the office by around 8-8.30am and leave anywhere between 5pm - 8pm, and this time is all spent at my desk, or in meetings. I stop to make coffee around 4/5 times a day, and usually grab a quick salad/sandwich at my desk.

It's really unhealthy.
At my old job I used to skimp on breaks because it was always really awkward in the back room of the supermarket, since I was usually on the same times as this weird dude. So I probably wouldn't have minded not having any break at all, and stacking shelves/till work wasn't particularly stressful.

On really busy days it would be difficult, I'd still manage it though if I had to. It would be much harder with a more physically or mentally challenging job, of course.