Going organic

I think this belongs in health and fitness more than the food category.

I've been thinking of doing this for a while and have decided to go ahead and take the plunge. There are a few things I've been buying organic for years anyways, namely milk. Even though it's 5.29 a gallon, I've always considered it a good investment towards my daughters health since she can go through a couple gallons a week on her own.
I already know someone here who thinks this is a waste of money, but I appreciate the fact that I'm buying food that hasn't been grown with hormones, pesticides..etc.
My kids are happy with what they are eating so I'm not forcing them to follow my lead, but I think it's a healthy lifestyle change.

Anyone else ever think about the benefits of going organic?


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I used to buy just organic but it was more for environmental reasons than my health. It does cost a lot more. I stick now with the local brands which are cheaper but who I also trust to take precautions for producing it in an environmental-friendly manner.

Where do you buy your food? Fresh market or regular stores like Trader Joe's (it's where I used to shop in the US when I was still into organic stuff).


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It's a very healthy decision.

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? Many of their organic items are cheaper than other bigger chains. They also have hormone-free dairy products that don't qualify as organic so they are a little cheaper.

I learned in my nutrition class that organic produce typically has 50-60% more antioxidants than conventionally grown produce.


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I've thought about it, but I've realized it's not necessary. Going organic is used by a lot of people as an excuse to not watch their diet. Instead, they just buy anything labeled organic and call themselves healthy. I'm not saying everyone does it, I've just seen and heard of a fair amount of it. I knew people in school who were absolutely convinced that organic was the only healthy way to go when America's real problem is quality as much as it is quantity.

Not to mention, a lot of organic food I've tried is pretty disgusting to be honest. But that's just me.
No Trader Joes nearby, but there is a Whole Foods being built close to me and it's nearly completed. The neighborhood Kroger store has been steadily increasing their organic selection, including meats.


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Meijer also has a nice selection of affordable organic items.

If you can't go organic on everything because of cost, google "organic dirty dozen" to see which items are most important and why.


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If you can't go organic on everything because of cost, google "organic dirty dozen" to see which items are most important and why.
That's good to know and google.
I was going to reply with I'd love to go organic, but the expense is too much and not something I can invest my money into at the moment.
I think it's very important to eat healthily, if it's specifically organic or just whole wheat foods and cutting out refined rice and sugar etc. etc.