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Going grey


Sally Twit
If you're already going grey, do you dye it or are you happy to leave it?

If you're not yet going grey, do you think you'll hide it?

Personally, I think I'd always cover it unless I was maybe 60. I love the colour of my hair now and I can't imagine being happy with a couple of grey hairs mixing in with that.

I don't know the age the average person goes grey but my Grandma is 83 and some of her hair is still brown. Where as my dad is 62 and he has more grey on the sides than my Grandma. But my dad is still not completely grey either.
Maybe I'll get that lucky.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
It's not something I'm concerned about, but I don't think I'll even have any gray hair for a long time, and by the time I do I expect to be mostly bald.


still nobody's bitch
haha I was just going to say E, you won't have to worry about it.

I just got my hair colored professionally for the first time because I had enough gray to be covered. I'll keep coloring it until it's mostly or all gray, but who knows when that will be. I was in my late 30s before I had any at all, and then it was few enough to just pluck them out. My dad is 67 and still hardly has any gray at all, and my mom is 68 and only about 50% gray. My cousins, on the other hand are in their 40s and are completely gray.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't believe I'll have any grey hair anytime soon. My grand-father didn't start getting grey hair till his late 70's, and my father is in his early 50's and he doesn't have grey hair. That said, I'll never dye my hair if I ever do get it before that.

A couple of my friends started to have grey hair in high school
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New Member
I don't think anyone should be ashamed of going grey. I, for one, will not try to hide it once it starts coming in. I think grey can be beautiful like any hair color and can also be seen as a sign of wisdom and experience. There is nothing different about having red hair, black hair, brown hair, blonde hair, or grey hair. I don't see why people would fear it's arrival, it is nature at work. Maybe it has something to do with the ever closer impending death of the individual, and their hesitance to face it.


Sally Twit
Some people do get scared of ageing, though. And seeing grey hair might make them feel old. Sometimes older than they actually are. We all know death is a fact of life but it doesn't mean everyone should want to feel like it's coming quicker and quicker.
Maybe it's nice to do what you can to feel like you have many years left in you. That's not to say that grey hair means death is approaching. But some people might get upset thinking about it. Depends on the person.


I ♥ Haters
I don't think my hair will be getting grey anytime soon. Of course, I'm taking into consideration that my mom's in her mid-40s and doesn't have any grey yet, so maybe I'll be lucky.

I would probably dye my hair for a while, until most of it was grey. But I still got a long way to go, so I'm not too worried.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am pretty confident I won't go grey for a little while. My Dad is 56 years old and he's got some grey hair but it isn't significant at all. If the genes stay true I should look young for long time, keep my hair and not have it go grey right away. So no worries ladies I'll be good to go :p

Now would I color my hair if I got grey hair? Probably not to be honest. I think sometimes it can look pretty nice...just depends.


Registered Member
I'm just glad if one end is still attached to my head! ;)


yellow 4!
If you're not yet going grey, do you think you'll hide it?
My mum is just about 50 and she's started to dye her hair every now and then to cover up the odd greys. That's probably what I'll do too, I like having dark hair.

I think once it becomes more than just a few here and there, I'd stop dying it and let nature take over, hahaha.

Though having said that, my grandma never went grey at all. She's 80 years old and still has her brown hair, having never dyed it.