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Dvorak is a keyboard layout designed by Dr. August Dvorak in 1936. It's supposed to be much easier on your hands when typing because it's laid out so the keys that you most commonly press in a row are on alternating sides of the keyboard.

I tried switching to this format several years ago and ended up switching back.

I'm starting to think I might try it again. Most people who use the Dvorak layout can type 30-40 words per minute faster than the fastest people on QWERTY.

Does anybody here use the Dvorak keyboard layout?

Dvorak Simplified Keyboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I just might bust out my custom keyboard I set up just for this. I replaced all the letters with new letters so I could learn it.


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I've never heard of that before. I type plenty fast already, and I wouldn't want to have to relearn where all the keys are. I can see how it might be more efficient if you have no previous keyboarding experience using QWERTY, but otherwise it makes no sense to switch.


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I think it would be too hard/tedious to learn a new layout. QWERTY is just easy and what I'm fimilar with.


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I've never heard of that before. Too much effort for me probably, and I'd have to re-configure all my games with the "W,A,S,D" layout.
Hmmmmm, maybe if I needed to an assignment, of if I had my "work laptop" back then I might consider it. 30-40 words extra a minute sounds tempting.


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Another benefit of Dvorak in theory is overall it should be better for those prone to carpal tunnel or tendinitis from spending too much time typing. The reason is because the layout is easier on your hands.

It's not been tested officially though but it does make sense in theory.
Switch To Dvorak

Dvorak keyboarding is easy to learn but requires patience. You will only need a few hours to learn the new key assignments. Regaining your former typing speed could take weeks, but you'll enjoy faster typing for the rest of your life after that. It's slow at first, but you'll appreciate the logical key placement right away.
Makes sense to me. I busted out my modified keyboard and I'm gonna go for it.
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