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Some company has fairly recently come up with a smart idea - release classic games, dead cheap, and actually make them work on newer PCs.

The website, Good Old Games, sells downloadable copies of games from the years gone by. Examples include Jagged Alliance, Beneath a Steel Sky, Fallout, and MDK.

I'm trying to keep this as little as an advertisement as possible, so I'll just say that all games work on Vista and XP, are DRM free, come with free extras, and they're available to all countries around the world. All games come at around $5.99 or $9.99 depending on game.

The website is still in beta, though I haven't seen any problems thus far. Also, while they do have an interesting collection of games at the moment, they're always in the process of adding more games, how often I can't say.

I recommend you give it a look over. It could be an easy way of getting that game you've been looking all over for.


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Sounds good, I might check it out and maybe if I find a good game give it a shot, I always like going back to some old games and re playing them again.