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Goetia Solomn magick


Registered Member
This is just one of the many occult things I've had an interest for a long time in. Never attempted this as it's not part of my personal system but have considered trying it, may even use some of it to my system at some point.

The only hard part is since the daemons/Gods they work with sometimes have the same names as mine I need to view them as separate entities, which makes sense since they have different sigils. Otherwise I feel it would be disrespectful to my pantheon.

Anyway, found it interesting.

So for any of you that would like a look into the Goetia here are some vids....

YouTube - Goetia Solomon Magick I

YouTube - Goetia Solomon Magick II

YouTube - Goetia Solomon Magick III

YouTube - Goetia Magick IV

YouTube - Goetia Magick V

YouTube - Goetia Magick VI

YouTube - Goetia Magick VII