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Godspeed, Bob Feller


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Breaking on Twitter now that he has been moved to hospice care. Had been hospitalized w/pneumonia.

Not sure how many people will reply to this, or if many people know who he Bob Feller was. He was an incredible pitcher for the Indians for a lot of years. He had one of the fastest balls ever clocked. His numbers would of been better if he never served.
Unfortunately Bob Feller passed away yesterday.

"That was the test. Three days before he pitched, I would start thinking about Robert Feller, Bob Feller. I would sit in my room and start thinking about him all the time. ... Allie Reynolds of the Yankees was tough, and I might think about him for two hours before a game. But Robert Feller, I'd think about him for three days." -- Ted Williams

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Sad to hear, a true baseball legend. I always enjoyed hearing stories about Bob Feller, whether from his playing days or later on in his life. RIP


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Sad to hear it.

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That's an interesting quote from Ted Williams.