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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by shakujou, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Source: SAB. (It's a short read. A few lines really.)

    This got me thinking, everyone assumes that God is a man, then theres a small argument that he's actually a girl. But what if both?

  2. I go by the King James Version of the Bible, and if I recall it was said that God created adam in his image at first, then later on Adam was lonely, so he took part of Adam and made Eve. That is just a warped translation, like the Catholic Bible is. I doubt God has a gender anyway, but most refer to Him as a male, since a lot of the denominations use a King James version, or one translated from King James version.
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    I think God is genderless as well, but the best way to see how it is told would be to check the Torah, since that doesn't go through any language translations which could alter it.
  4. I'm sure some things have been changed over the years, either with or without people knowing, just like the Vatican has thousands of various scrolls that they would not put into the Bible.
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    Well... technically "God" was the Sun god until the Jews excepted only him as their source for worship. Then modern religion evolved from there. And I'm pretty sure the Sun god was dude, so he would be a dude...

    Also, if you go by the King's James Version (face it, that's what most people go by), God would be a schizophrenic, or whatever the multiple personality disorder would be.

    And your right, theres many articles that the hides behind locked doors, so technically we're still in the fog! We should organize an army... and invade the Vatican.
  6. The Vatican does have an army to defend itself, anyway, I do not believe God has multiple personality disorders, nor did I see that evident in the Bible. Schizophrenia is always misinterpreted as MPD.
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    The Swiss army doesn't count.... they wear culottes(sp?)!

    (I was going off the King James version.) Us and Our seem like signs of MPD to me...

    Thanks for correcting me, I always remember schizophrenia, but never MPD. Blame the media. >.>
  8. The Swiss Guard are what they are called, and I do believe they are trained well, despite what they wear. There is also the Noble Guard too. It would also depend on the context in which those terms are used.
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    Yeah Keith, Piccolo has a point there. When "God" uses the tenses "Us" or "Our" you can normally find atleast some reference to both the son and the holy spirit. All three are used symbolically, and our represented as almost the Trio of Heaven. (Aka the "Cross" cathlics do before praying.)

    However, I do believe God to be genderless. I can't site a verse to tell you, to be honest, haven't read the Bible in quite sometime. However, I do believe there a couple passages which hint to the fact that God did not resemble humans at all (I think thats a commonly accepted thought.)

    How I've interpreted it is that we were created in his likeness through the display of emotions that we maintain. The complexity of our thought patterns and possibly the dominate species on this planet. While animals (or atleast some animals) have feelings, and thought patterns its been proven that the humans thought patterns are far more complex, and maybe alittle more erratic, than that of any animal. (The argument can always be made that apes/dolphins and a select other animals are close to our intelligence)

    Thats what I believe atleast. I don't really remember where I heard that, was taught that, or whatever. Just something that I've believed, and makes a lot of sense to me.
  10. I never really thought of God as having a gender, just call Him a he since I am so use to hearing it.

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