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Movies Godfather


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Im a huge fan of the Godfather series, the first one is by far my favorite. The storyline is incredible, the cast is full of stars, Pacino and Brando do a remarkable acting job. I love the ending of the first one, it leaves you in so much suspence in my opinion.

The second and third one are also wonderful, in the second one Al Pacino's role gets bigger and better which is great to see.

This series is by far my favorite gangster series.

Any other Godfather series fan on these forum, I know there's a few.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I loved it. I heard a lot about it and ignored it until 2001 when I was too bored and had nothing to do, I decided to marathon watch the trilogy. I liked the 2nd one the most. I always wondered (felt sorry too) why Pacino didn't win any Oscar for his role in any of the 3 movies. I also haven't read the book, so I only know Godfather through the movie.


Film Elitist
Heh at least a few.

This trilogy is definitely one of my favorites. Everyone I know says that II is their favorite. I actually like three a little better than two and one is by far my favorite. I actually was able to see the first one in theaters. My school has free screenings every once in a while at a Loews theater right up the street and they had a free screening of "The Godfather" when I was a freshman. Nothing like it.


Registered Member
I have never scene this movie series. To be honest it never really interested me.


Registered Member
Oh gotta love the Godfather movies, i feel the first one was the best, and then the 3rd one, but all 3 of them are very well done, and even the Game " The godfather " was fun to play aswell. very enjoyable.