Goddamn iTunes/iPods


rainbow 11!
It's pissing me the fuck off.

Everything is so damn complicated.

I wanna redeem a gift card. But I need an account. Which is fine. But when I go to make said account, it wants me to enter my credit card information, and hell no am I giving them that.

So I went to the website to send them a nasty e-mail, only to find out that there is an option to not give them your credit card information.

Now here I am... Staring at the screen where I'm supposed to enter my information, looking for the option to not use a credit card.

And not seeing a damn thing.

Fuck this. I'm going to save my money up and get a Zune.

Does anyone here have a Zune? What do you think?
My room mate last year bought a Zune and was all pumped about it..for a week. Then he hated it. Not sure why but all I know is that after having it for around two weeks he returned it and got an iPod.


rainbow 11!
Well, I'm about to chuck the damn iPod out in the lake.

I've had so many problems with it. It freezes, iTunes will either suddenly not open, erase my library, or makes it so damn complicated to make another library for another iPod that I feel like I'm finding the cure for cancer.

Also, when I first got it I had trouble getting music on it. Took me a week or two until I gave up on trying to figure it out and called apple.


rainbow 11!
Probably. Ugh.

I forgot to mention how hard it was for me to get videos on my iPod.

And how when I play games they lag.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I can get podcasts but not videos on my Ipod yet -_-;

Music was easy, itunes usually sync those automatically after you make an account with your iPod.

My iPod gets on my nerves when I try to convert videos and try to upload certain things on it, almost makes me want to kill my innocent mouse man....


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I have never had problems with iTunes or my iPod. The interface and software is simple. I dont often buy things from their store. I usually just check to see what has recently come out or what is popular and then I go and dl it on bittorrent.