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Video GoDaddy's Lost Puppy Superbowl Commercial Has Pet Lovers Outraged


Secret Agent
Staff member
Many business and website owners are transferring their domain names away from GoDaddy due to the outrage over what people are calling a despicable commercial. If you've followed Superbowl commercials for any amount of time, you are surely aware of the fact that GoDaddy is known for their controversial envelope pushing commercials. While their commercials in the past have typically been aired regardless of controversy, this year was the last straw for many.

In the following commercial, the dot com and web hosting provider mocks Budweisers's Lost Puppy commercial. Did they take this too far? Decide and let us know in the comments section below.


Whatever you say about this commercial, the folks at GoDaddy have managed to get their name everywhere once again. But is appearing to support Internet puppy mills something that will hurt their brand? GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving would like you to believe that they had no clue this would offend people. In a blog post, he announced that the company had decided to pull the commercial from the Superbowl, to be replaced with another mystery commercial that apparently they just happened to have ready to go.

For those of you who are disgusted by GoDaddy's lost puppy commercial, here's Budweiser's version that supposedly inspired it. Spoiler alert, this one is heartwarming.



Embrace the Suck
I love the Budweiser commercials, and this last one is no exception. The GoDaddy one isn't the best, but I don't see the need for all the outrage. I don't like it much but I don't think they went too far.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have to wonder if they knew they were going to far and the outrage would get them more media attention, even if it was negative, than a good commercial.

I love Budweiser commercials. They are actually entertaining.


I'm serious
When I watched the commercial, my mind did not go to puppy mill immediately. I just thought the puppy got a new home, since people who have dogs that have puppies can't exactly keep them all. That would be a lot of dogs.

I think people are making a bigger deal out of this than they should with linking it to puppy mills. If people want to think the worst, that's their problem. My family found all our pets from online searches for breeders across the country, and we take great care of them.

Why do people's minds automatically go to the worst place? Unnecessary.