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    The obvious question to many here is HAS GOD REVEALED himself?

    And no , unlike other threads I am not speaking in hypotheticals here.

    Well certainly - everyone has their own opinion as is in evidence by the numerous posts here . So how do we know that GOD has sufficiently revealed himself?

    It really comes down to TRUTH. As Pilate told OUR LORD - what is TRUTH.

    The Truths of GOD are revealed through Grace to the worthy.

    All of GOD's Truths are not found in Scripture. All of GOD's Truths are not found in Tradition. All of GOD's Truths are not revealed to Mankind. Mankind is not worthy of all of GOD's Truths.

    Catholic Tradition and Scripture combined is known as the Deposit of Faith. The Deposit of Faith is quite simply - the Doctines revealed by Christ in his three year ministry on Earth and as guided and protected by Holy Mother the Church with the guidance of the Holy Ghost to this day.

    Nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken from it.

    Jesus is GOD. GOD Promised the Jews he would send the Messiah. Jesus is the Messiah. Since Jesus is the Messiah and formed a CHURCH the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church - and JESUS himself gave that Church the power to Bind and Loose on Earth and thus define the Truth for Man. what is and what is not OK. What is and what is not Sinful. what is and is not TRUE Scripture. what is and is not true Faith and Moral to do.

    Yes people can have their own opnion. But ultimately all men will be judged by the LORD JESUS CHRIST on judgement day according to the Precepts handed down in the Deposit of Faith.

    We do not have to speculate as to whether or not GOD revealed himself.

    We can see him in his TRUTHS - that have been in practise as perfected for the last 2000 years .


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    As a non-Christian I tell you that I don't believe in Jesus Christ as God. I believe in him as human like all of us.

    And you can't come here and tell us that we'll be judged by YOUR God in the judgment day.
    Then YOUR God should not complain if humans don't believe in Him.

    Who says this ? Bible? Why should I believe it?
    Why? Because you just convinced us that God actually revealed himself?

    I didn't know you've been living for 2000 years. How-come you're still alive?

    Do you have a practice of your own, rather than talk about the practice before you even existed?
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    I've read The Emperor's New Clothes. :huh:
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    If I wasn't used to Christians I'd say that you belonged in a mental hospital.

    Anyway, prove god exists. And use fact.

    Here's a definition of fact so that you aren't confused.

    1.something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
    2.something known to exist or to have happened: Space travel is now a fact.
    3.a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true: Scientists gather facts about plant growth.
  5. ExpectantlyIronic

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    You're not being fair to Christians or the residents of mental hospitals.
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  6. Viro91

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    Ask yourself this, Ramman: "Is Viro91 GOD?".

    Here I am Ramman, your Lord, revealing myself to you and all of humanity through this forum. Nobody has to believe what I say, that's for them to decide. What's Your decision Ramman, am I GOD?
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  7. Ramman

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    And you can't come here and tell us that we'll be judged by YOUR God in the judgment day.

    Ram: I dont have to , He already did. What I can do is pass on the message to you in charity. I could bake you a cake only to have you throw it in my face. I could give you money only to have you set fire to it. I could offer you my coat and you could have your dog relieve himself on it was well. And as for whether or not you think i can come here and relay to you what GOD revealed about Judgement day - I already did.

    Then YOUR God should not complain if humans don't believe in Him.

    Ram: Complaining isnt his plan.

    Who says this ? Bible? Why should I believe it?

    Ram: Why not.

    Why? Because you just convinced us that God actually revealed himself?

    Ram: God doesnt force you to believe in him. He offers salvation to those who do. What he wont do is drag you kicking and screaming to Heaven against your will.

    I didn't know you've been living for 2000 years. How-come you're still alive?

    Ram: His truth has. How come it is dead in you.

    Do you have a practice of your own, rather than talk about the practice before you even existed?[/quote]

    Ram: Thats for GOD to know isnt it. And he does.
    Ram: So have I - so why dont you put some clothes on like the rest of us.
    Ram: The same Scientists who claim there is Global Warming because it allows them to cash in? Or who say Monkeys become Men. Or who cannot defined the GOD Particle no mattter how much money they pour into a Collider? The same ones who rely on unproven theories?

    I thought this post was about FACTS? And when are you going to provide some?

    • [*]In 2002, about 8 million youths (33 percent) aged 12 to 17 attended religious services 25 times or more in the past year
      [*]More than 78 percent of youths (19 million) reported that religious beliefs are a very important part of their lives, and 69 percent (17 million) reported that religious beliefs influence how they make decisions
      [*]Youths aged 12 to 17 with higher levels of religiosity were less likely to have used cigarettes, alcohol, or illicit drugs in the past month than youths with lower levels of religiosity
    I'd have to say that if anything the reverse is true.

    So really - we should assume that your KIDS are probably Cigarette Smoking - Bong frequenting Promiscuious - Drunks - heading for Jerry Springer in your footsteps.

    After all fair is fair
    Here I am Viro91 - your resident kook revealing my untenable diatribe to all mankind through the wonders of electronic technology in the modern age aka this forum - Nobody ever will believe what I say (Why would they) but that doesnt deter me from my disbelief and or Hatred of not only GOD but all who love him as well. So I come to all of you in this forum asking , nay begging Ramman to worship ME as his GOD as evidenced by this Direct Quote:

    What's Your decision Ramman, am I GOD?[/quote]

    From the Baltimore Catechism # 2 :

    Well since you asked - let me refer you to the First Commandment of GOD

    Question: What is the first Commandment?

    Answer: The first Commandment is: I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.

    There you have it. And isnt it appropriate that it said STRANGE gods.

    I couldnt agree more.

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  8. Spooky

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    Evidence for Global Warming
    Evolution: Fact and Theory (ActionBioscience)

    Oh, the perfect little religious people huh?


    Middle Ages:

    Early Modern:

    • The unabashed holocaust perpetrated against the aboriginal inhabitants of the North America is far and away the most lethal item on this list. Between the militant Catholic fundamentalists known as Conquistadors, and the deaths caused by militant Protestant fundamentalists known as Puritans using biological warfare in the form of smallpox-infected blankets against natives, the total desolation across the continent exceeded 100 million even before the American nation swept most of the rest from the continent by force.
    • The Spanish Inquisition is an oft-cited example, but its real death toll is insignificant. Perhaps 1,000 or less.
    • The witch trials of North America (Salem and Connecticut being the only two famous, but far from the only, examples) are also oft-cited examples, but they too are utterly insignificant as measures of the depravity of the average theist. 100 or less.

    • The early 20th century's Armenian Genocide (and yes, it was a genocide), carried out by a vassal state of the theocratic Ottoman empire, cost 1.5 million lives.
    • Hitler, an avowed Catholic, Mussolini, who had the good sense to be non-religious in his youth but who later converted to Catholicism in 1927, and Hirohito, an avowed participant of the state religion of Japan, launched the Second World War in 1939 (or was that 1941?). The total deaths from this war have been calculated at about 72 million, including the Holocaust. The largely atheistic citizens of the Soviet Union were the biggest victims of this war of theistic expansionism. This does not include
    • the Nanking massacre, which modern historians estimate took about 500,000 lives, almost entirely Chinese.
    • The 1948 Arab-Israeli War has been reliably tallied at almost exactly 20,000 casualties.
    • The Six-Day War has been reliably tallied at almost exactly 22,000 casualties.
    • The First Sudanese Civil War (which is not the Darfur crisis), which was explicitly religious in nature, cost about 500,000 lives. The Second Sudanese Civil War (which is also not the Darfur crisis) cost about 2 million.
    • "Operation Searchlight," the pogroms carried out by the megalomaniacal theists in charge of Bangladesh in the early 1970s, cost 3 million lives.
    • Conservative estimates of the Hindu extremist group known colloquially as the Tamil Tigers place the ongoing death toll at 215,000.
    • Other forms of modern Hindu violence against other religions or lapsed Hindus (almost entirely in the form of Hindu-on-Muslim violence) can be veeeery conservatively estimated at 25,000.
    • Late 20th century violence by the Islamic Ba'ath party of Iraq (a nation so religious that it had the phrase Allahu Akbar scrawled across its flag and which once hosted one of the largest mosques in the region built by Saddam Hussein) against ethnic Kurds cost about 150,000 lives.
    • The 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War, also known in Iran as the Holy War, cost about 750,000 lives, conservatively.
    • The 1994 Rwandan genocide, not religious in nature but certainly caused by theists, resulted in about 1 million deaths.
    • The Ustasa regime's mass murders, which would have been impossible had not the regime been propped up by the Catholic Church (whose fingerprints can be found in nearly every example of 20th century fascism; see "God Is Not Great" by award-winning journalist Christopher Hitchens), tally up to "hundreds of thousands." Lets call it 200,000.
    • The 2001 attack on the World Trade Center by Muslim fundamentalists who all came into extremist Islam in adult life after coming out of good educations and good backgrounds in countries that had never known any measure of oppression by the United States cost almost 3,000 lives.
    • The 2003 invasion of Iraq by the avowed theocrat George W. Bush who said that the war was waged on instructions from God, launched against the (above-mentioned) theocratic Ba'ath Party of Iraq, has, between insurgents, Americans, Iraqi security, Iraqi civilians, foreign military officers, and foreign civilians, cost about 1 million lives, mostly caused by Muslim fundamentalist extremists.
    Deaths from theism whose full tallies are impossible to calculate:

    • Routine violence, starvation, economic attrition against, denial of medical services to, and criminal negligence of India's dalits over the millennia have probably cost hundreds of thousands or millions of lives.
    • Religion's endless war on vaccines has caused and will cause the resurgence of old diseases and the ravaging of current populations, mainly in Africa, since it takes only a few unvaccinated people to allow a virus to mutate into a strain that resists vaccination. The death toll from this encouragement of disease-related deaths by religion will undoubtedly skyrocket in the coming century.
    • The Vatican's and Muslim leaders' routine opposition to safe-sex practices, especially through the murderous criminals known as "missionaries" in Africa, has exasperated the HIV problem considerably and there is no way to know how many hundreds of thousands of people have died slow, agonizing deaths at the hands of HIV as a result, and how many will continue to suffer in the future.
    • The death toll from those who refuse to seek medical attention because of religious beliefs, Jehovah's Witnesses who refuse blood transfusions, Christian scientists who refuse all treatment, those who subscribe to the undeniably religious pseudoscientific New Age beliefs that prefer bullshit to real medical therapies, etc., is impossible to calculate. I do not doubt that it is thousands every year.
    • Honor killings in Muslim societies. Probably hundreds every year.
    • The deaths that will be caused by the inevitable famine in the fundamentalist Confucian state of North Korea will be staggering but difficult to precisely calculate.
    Disputed theist deaths:

    • A 3rd-century compendium of ancient Semitic fairy tales and military procedures known as the Bible records a number of deaths, mainly at the hands of a genocidal maniac worshiped as a patriarch named Moses. I doubt most of these, so I will not include their tens of thousands in the final tally.
    Negligible sources of theism-related deaths:

    Final tally for theism: 2,229,074,100

    And now for Atheism:

    • The French Revolution, built on Enlightenment principles, probably cost somewhere from 1-2 million lives.
    • Maoism in China, indisputably atheist, was indirectly responsible for the starvation of 20-40 million Chinese citizens during the "Great Leap Forward" and the "Cultural Revolution" combined.
    • Even though I could find no evidence that Pol Pot was an atheist, his regime was anti-most religion, so I will include the tally of his regime, whose very tip-top highest estimates place the death toll at 3 million.
    Disputed atheist:

    • Stalin: recently-unearthed secret documents indicate that Stalin may have been made a deist who “made his peace with God” and who brought priests back into favor and who encouraged religious icons to be paraded around Leningrad for good luck during the siege. He had “complex” relations with religious institutions in the Soviet Union, notes Hector Avalos, and so there is every indication that Stalin might have been a closet atheist turned closet diest, or even Orthodox Christian, who kept his faith very private. You're welcome I didn't include the 50 million victims of his pogroms under the theism casualties, because the new, very modern evidence against Stalin's post-1940 atheism is pretty damn good.
    Highest possible atheism death toll without Stalin: 45,000,000.
    Highest possible atheism death toll with Stalin: 95,000,000

    So, at its very highest, atheists have caused almost a whopping 100 million deaths throughout world history. This is about 1/20th the casualties caused by the morally depraved theists who have dominated history. Given that statistically about 16% of the world is non-religious but only about 5% of total world military/genocidal violence has been caused by atheism, we can safely add one more piece of evidence that theists have proven themselves to be far and away more morally depraved, violent, aggressive, brutally selfish, and downright nasty to each other than us infidels.

    And to think that the theists say that we atheists can't know right from wrong.
    source;The Teapot Atheist: Anonymous wanted a body count total, so he will get one

    And no I'm not saying all people who have a religion are like this, but the argument that religious people somehow automatically have better morals than non religious people is false.

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