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God or Satan


Registered Member
Being that I don't believe in Satan what I'm going to say may shock you. I have studies the bible to find out what it says and try to understand it. The church has always said that you can't learn on your own. But, does belief in something really make a difference to people?
Being that I'm not a Christian but I understand the bible may seem weird to you. To understand another religion is good when your wanting to know who and what you believe. I think everyone should have a choice of what they believe but, not be told how to believe.
Many of us choose to believe in God which also means you believe in Satan. Life is full of choices.


Problematic Shitlord
You seem to have at least five different thread ideas in one post :lol:

So what exactly do you want to discuss?

If you believe in God, you have to believe in Satan but that doesn't mean you put your faith in him, get me? It's the whole 'you can't have good without evil' thing because without evil to contrast good, how do you truly know which is which?