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God offers to turn your life to third-person mode. Do you accept?


For the rest of your life you will not see through your own eyes, but from a magic invisible floating camera like the ones in video games.

o-- You can swivel the camera to look in all directions around you, but your body always acts as an anchor and an axis to pivot around.

o-- The farthest in you can zoom is right over your shoulder so you can read, write, post responses and topics on GF, ect...

o-- There is no way to ever switch back to first-person mode.

o-- Your eyes will appear to everyone else as normal and you will appear to look at them while speaking, focus on what you're doing, etc.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
No, I wouldn't like my "camera" to be outside of my head. That would also take the audio out of our head because our eyes and ears work together for balance and depth perception. It would be a terrible curse to be in third person.


Dammit, you're right. Well, too late for me to take back my decision now. :'(
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