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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Irishone21, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Irishone21

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    I am having a really difficult summer. I live in the suburbs, in a hot house, which can't get central air nor cable internet. I don't have a car, for I totaled it in an accident thanksgiving day, with an old friend. We were both in recently bought cars. If I were in my jeep, I would be dead. The jeep which prior to the jetta, the radiator blew out, had been the shop, we would of got it fixed, but there was confusion with the insurance or something, and whatever the reason, we ended up buying a new car, instead of getting it fixed.

    Fortunately, I'm here, which considering my many close calls, at such an early age, I think I'm meant to be. Everytime I'm down, I turn to God. I am more dependent on God, than I am on weed or adderall, which I am also addicted to... It is just weird, how right before I completely fall apart, in some way or another God picks me back up. I don't know if its my belief, or maybe my environment, which makes him overlook my generally curmudgeon attitude... but I always notice the signs, that he, whether it be the omnipresense of God, or my gaurdian angel, which I have reason to believe is my grandfather, who died when I was one, is there, looking over me, making sure I don't give up...

    I will reach the top, I have no doubt in my mind.

  2. rozzlapeed

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    That explains a lot. Are you addicted to both adderall and weed? Would you mind telling how much and how often you take them? Do you take them at the same time?

    It's no wonder you constantly stay awake at night.
  3. Irishone21

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    Yeah... If only the rest of the world were anti-conformist, then brotherhood could be possible. Competition and the yearning for power keeps human nature from progression. If only people would settle their differences, we could have a world full of cooperative nations, which have no need for force, nor new-age security in maintaining order in society... No one has the power to use words to their own advantage, rather they resort to force... Words are most effective when used with Love, and no hate, regardless of whom they are pertaining to. Even the pope, Benedict, couldn't stop himself from standing against many of the muslims. The secret is to stand against the acts, but for the person in addition to spending more time standing for values, then standing against hatred... one only needs to stand against hatred once, and without vehemence, only sincerity... This will hide anger and won't give the chance for hatred to diffuse. A true leader would not only give hope to our troops, but would give hope to those he is at odds with. It is not the fault of the infidel, it is the social condition which created the infidel. Polititians are average conformist. A prince is a benevolent anomaly.
  4. rozzlapeed

    rozzlapeed Guest

    Seriously, how much adderall do you take in a given week?
  5. ChinUp

    ChinUp ยค Breathe

    Where is the sense in making out God is someplace else ? IMO God is right here & now ..
  6. Irishone21

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    like 40mg a day, exluding the days I take none, or take less... or the rare case that I take more... Why do you ask Rozz? Also, how does IO know about you; are you affiliated with them.
  7. rozzlapeed

    rozzlapeed Guest

    From personal experience, Adderall can cause insomnia, obsessive-compulsive behavior, a feeling of philosophical enlightenment, and a heightened sense of purpose, especially when taken in the evening. It explains your pages and pages of rants and your exaggerated belief in your own self-importance, as well as your belief that your eyes are open when other peoples' aren't.

    When you take an hallucinogen on top of that (marijuana), you've got a recipe for crazy ideas.

    Who is IO?
  8. Irishone21

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    Roz Roz Roz... You are very deliberate at making me look delusional, however I assure you, this experience was real. There is no doubt in my mind that it is real, and I forgive you for trying to denounce it as a delusion, brought on by weed and marijuana. The footsteps Roz... How do you explain them... Legitmately...? Exactly, you can't.

    Yeah, the rest of it can be denounced as delusional, and I think, if I wouldn't have witnessed the footsteps experience, that possibily, I was just crazy, and all those miraculous experiences were in fact, delusions.. but they weren't.

    Roz... I know it is difficult to believe something so abnormal... The most qualified minds would have difficulty explaining or even comprehending this experience... The unfathomable is hard to grasp for any human being... All in all, you put in a good effort to delude the validity of this experience, but there is no possible way you can cause me to forget the most important moment of my life.

    Good try. I commend your persistence, but warn you of your negligence. You can't shun proof to help your cause.

    All of the people telling me that I need to provide proof, I could say the same for you all.

    Provide proof that darkened footsteps in the grass can appear out of nowhere.
  9. Corona

    Corona Registered Member

    I thought you were delusional before I knew you were on drugs. Now I'm scared.
  10. Hoosier_Daddy

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    It's pretty hard to prove a negative.


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