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living on the border
So today I got to thinking...what did I say in my first post in GF...I pretty much said a lot about liking baseball. My into thread was actually quite interesting to me.

I suggest that you guys do it. Especially those of you who have been here for a while


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I can't read my first post anymore. I've been here longer than GF and it's archived with a very, very, very early version from ezboard.


living on the border
Thats a cool idea but i dont know how to do that
would you mind explaining how i would do this?

Go to your page and click on Statistics then go to "Find all post by Jeru" go to the last page and the last thing will be your first post


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My first post - aww bummer i guess i need 15 posts before i can show you so i will be right back...unless you have another way

...i made 25 posts before i made a thread in the introduction place