Go-Carts & Dune-Buggies


Son of Liberty
This sorta falls more into the crafts part... otherwise I think I'd have stuck it in GD.

So I was talking to my brother, he's a freshman in high school, and he was asking me what I did for my "Ag-Project". At our high school, the FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a dominate facet to the education program. The deeper you are into the FFA the more "Ag" based projects you do. For instance some show animals at the fair, others compete in Ag Skills competitions (like Soil testing), and or there is the Mechanics side where you Build something.

The school pushes the idea of building "Trailers" as the easiest Ag-Mechanics Project. Unfortunately Trailers suck and they are boring. The spoiler is basically the exact model they build;

However when I was in school, I managed to convince my Ag Instructor to let me build a Go-Cart instead. It was quite frankly the highlight of my high school experience. And I thought I'd let my brother have the same opportunity by asking him if he was interested in the old plans I had from mine. He of course jumped on it...I mean what teenage boy wouldnt jump on the idea of something that moves fast and could potentially maim 'em right? :hah:

So I'm all excited because now I get to consult him on the building and buying process of this Cart. And it got me wondering....

Have any of you ever had the opportunity to Build something like a Go-Cart, Go-Kart, Dune Buggy, or Sand Rail?

The model I'm using is just a standard Go-Cart... full Roll Bars, as big an Engine as we can fit in it, and hardly any brakes :hah: