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Movies Gnomeo and Juliet


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Has anyone seen this yet?

I am looking very much forward to being able to see this once it makes it here. I have only read some reviews and articles about it, but it looks like it may be such a cute, yet captivating movie.

I have always liked these types of movies, like Toy Story, Ice Age etc, they are child friendly but have the adult factors in them.

Please share your thoughts if you have seen this!


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This is my sort of movie, silly and dry humour that kids won't get but adults do. Can't wait to go and see this.


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As I know it's not yet showing here but I plan to see it with my kids. I saw an ad about it and it seems interesting enough to pay for movie tickets. I'm picky about cartoons (even if I do watch a lot of anime, lol).


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My little girl wants to see this, so I guess I will be seeing it as well, it has some big names it, Micheal Caine,Maggie Smith, Jason Statham and Patrick Stewert not to mention Ozzy.
Should be enteraining enough.


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We took our kids to see it and we all loved it. It was a great kids adaptation on a classic story. There were plenty of references to the original play that kids would not get, but that adults familiar with the story would. It has a happy ending unlike the original which was perfect for the kids. It taught a great lesson too. And if you like Elton John, all the music was his. I would absolutely recommend this movie.
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