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Gnashing of teeth.


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This is not a 'dig' at the Bible, or the faith of Christianity. It's a cynical, silly view of certain things in the book that I remember.

On reading the book, certain elements strike me as properly odd.
Mostly, the references of God's happiness. In which it suggests he was 'well pleased' -
And also references to Hell - in which it suggests one of the awful things for man to endure is the 'gnashing of teeth'.
I mean wtf? -

'Well pleased' - It sounds like God is a chav.


'Gnashing of teeth' --- That's bad? I know people that do that. It's not the worst thing imaginable. I mean, it's not being moshed up with a chainsaw for eternity. It's gnashing your fucking teeth. Oh no, I might soil myself. The fear. And the word 'gnashing' sounds particularly underwhelming.


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Your pizza isn't half eaten. Only two slices are gone.

Oh no... Awww. Fuck. I am well unpleased now. - It was the best pic of a pizza I could find when I could be arsed. soon enough a picture will come with an exact half-eatenness.