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GM pays back taxpayers?


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I heard lots about GM paying off the taxpayer funded money they received from the government. Funny how nobody talks about how much they got and how much they paid back and where they got the money they used to pay a small percentage of what they received. They sure do like to make it seem as if GM paid the taxpayers back. I'm not fooled, were you?

Still Government Motors - Forbes.com


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No, they're trying to make themselves look fiscally responsible even though they're still what is it? 43 billion in the hole?

They got more government funding to pay off the debt, so they still owe the government just as much money money. However, technically that debt was paid, now they have another debt, it's just very deceitful.

Here's the commercial they were televising.

YouTube - GM Repaid Government Loan Ahead of Schedule


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According to that thinking I've already paid off my house TWICE !! (refinance)

Why do they still want me to make my mortgage payments?!
@ dDave: They still owe ALL THE MONEY! :spin:

They BORROWED the 6.7 bil from the government escrow account to pay back the government loan!
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