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Do you feel gluttony whenever you smell/see food?

I am very food-greedy. If I see someone eating, I want to eat the same food, moreover I want to eat their food.
When I'm sitting at a table with other people eating, I want to try some food from their plate but I don't want them to try anything from mine .. LOL.
If my work colleagues order something to eat, I'll order it too ..even if I've eaten plenty of stuff 5 minutes ago.

I do have a serious problem with gluttony and I don't know how to get rid of it.
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I'm very food-greedy also. Even if I have eaten a few minutes before, I can't just watch while my friends or parents eat something on the same table. Smell of food is too good, I can't resist. I must order that too! Haha. I love to eat very much and eat really much, but most people (who don't know me better) would never say that for me because I have normal body weight (even below average for my height) but look can deceive ha-ha-ha.
I eat really a lot when I finish my training (when I come from the gym or from the pool). Then I could eat everything what is in the fridge. My mother sometimes says me that I'm crazy. Hahaha. But I don't want to get rid of that, I like food and I like to eat :D

But, if you want to get rid of gluttony, I think that the only way is to invent some other habits and activities that will distract you from the food and eating. And don't sit at the table when people are eating something really good, because you won't resist, if you naturally really like food greediness is always more powerful that resistance. :lol::lol:
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I like to cook and to eat. i even trade food with my friends when we eat out. Grams says i eat too much and wants to know where i put it lol. The doctor said im 74 pounds so im not that skinny. I hope i dont get too big or i wont get to play soccer. i saw a pineapple upside down cake so i helped make one. =D I love sour cherry candy too!


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It's the main reason I have a gut. I've been doing very good with cutting back lately. Single serving, half the portion size etc. However, in the past, I've been known to eat two whole heaping plateloads of food. When I was younger, it was fine because I was active enough to burn it back off again. However, considering my low level of athleticism as of late, I'm eating way too much. Also, with chips, I always seem to finish the bag off. I can never seem to eat just one. It's the same way with beverages. (Part of the reason I get so drunk all the time). If I have a bunch of cans of pops, I just drink them till they are gone. Same with beers and rum etc. I seem to have low self control when it comes to consumeables. It's gluttony/eating cause I'm bored.


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im obsessed with my diet at the moment, and cant stand the thought of over eating, eating large amounts of food, being greedy. I like to see my dad eat though, means i can have a bite of that sandwich he is eating :lol: