Glutton for a Punishment!


Son of Liberty
Ever eaten something you know your gonna pay for later. And when I say pay for I mean in pain... either by Heartburn, upset stomach, the runs, or a "scorched sphincter". Everyone is sensitive to certain foods or drinks in some way form or fashion.... but do you ever think you're tough enough to tackle those foods and end up paying the price anyway?


I just got back from a fiery battle with the porcelain gods myself. Last night I partook in eating "Chili Verde" from a restaurant here in town. All I have to say is, its the greatest Chili verde I've ever put on a spoon but holy cow its so hot you can feel its every move throughout the digestive process. Knowing the pain I go through after eating it I get to thinking? WHY!!!!

and after a decent argument with myself I come to the conclusion I'm never eating it again... only to be at the same restaurant two weeks later with the same Chili Verde burrito and a smile on my face.

How 'bout you? are there any foods that you could say you "Glutton for a Punishment" with?


Sally Twit
I shouldn't eat peppers because they don't sit right with me. If I'm ever in the mood for a pizza and there's a nice looking one that includes peppers, I just can't resist. I shouldn't do it but I have done in the past.


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Most red meat or dark meat upset my stomach and throws my body off.

About once a month I will eat a burger sometimes once every 2 months.


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I know that without a doubt if I drink any of the "flavored beers" (like Skye Blue, Mikes Hard Lemonade, ect) that I will pay for it the next day with a tore up tummy.

Yet, for some reason .. occassionally I have a brain fart and drink them anyways. haha


Staff member
I guess anything that is considered junk food. Normally I can eat most things without issues though.

And when I saw the title of this thread at first I thought it was a story about parents who forced their kids to eat fattening foods as a punishment. Glad to see I was wrong. :lol:


Ess Tii Eph Yu
Me and seafood get along about as well as vampires and sunlight. I LOVE seafood but my intestines do not. Every time I eat sushi I just KNOW I'm going to pay for it in 12 hours.


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Eggs and me have very bad relationship,i love them but two 2 years ago my body started to cause me serious problems if ate them,i would get everything from indigestion to very bad,cant be more then 5 feet from a toilet,runs!.

But every so often i get a hankering for them,have the argumant with myself about what will happen to me,then order them anyway.


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I always have a ruff time when i eat Chinese food, about 30 min after im done my tummy starts to hurt really bad so i don't eat it all that often.