Global Warming: Liberals and Conservatives, Please Disappear


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I was browsing Reddit this morning when I came across this little gem, two people whom I can barely stand duking it out with one another: Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow. Beck, the often misinformed and grade-A alarmist superstar of Fox News and adored by millions versus the commie queen Rachel Maddow who's goofish laugh is only trumped by her equally powerful alarming abilities and sniping. It should be a win/win right? Two people who annoy the shit out of me are preparing to tear each other apart, great right? Not entirely. The more I watched the video, the more I realized that these types of people are the ones ruining this country. I've seen a lot of video from these two and I have to say that they're exactly the same. The only difference between them is their political affiliation, everything else is the same. They use the same tactics in bashing their opponents, the same low blow jabs and insults against one another and both of them are working very hard to convince their audiences that reality is not what it appears to be but is instead much more like their own versions.

I don't know why I start these conversations because it's not like I'm going to change anything. But first do me a favor and watch this before responding. If you don't you're not going to be able to follow.

YouTube - Rachel Maddow Slams Glenn Beck on Climate Change: "I Didn't Lie, Back Off"

The debate in question to be honest is, well, quite pathetic. A select few conservative media idols such as Glenn Beck are actually trying to argue that a snowstorm is proof that global warming is a joke. Okay, first of all and I don't know if people realize this but it's not global warming, it's Climate Change. Global Warming is just a name, a bone fed to the bitching media hounds to give them something to fight over. Climate change is about the Earth and how it's climate is and has been changing. It's even been postulated that this is a natural process that occurs every so often. The worry is that we are speeding it up by polluting which can have a lot of adverse effects not just on us but the environment.

The whole climate change thing is like smoking, there is no research out there that exists without bias. At least, not anymore. Does it make anybody else sick to realize that we're probably not even being told the truth anymore because real issues have become nothing more than tokens in a game? They simply fuel the big machine and have no substance. Then the people who are really trying to solve these problems are shut down or in extreme cases killed or detained. This sort of black and white political structure hinders progress (no matter if you're a liberal or conservative) and is really starting to hurt this country whether people want to see it or not.

Thankfully, we've become a nation of wimps or else I'd say we're on the road to another civil war.

Thoughts on climate change? The snipe n' jab media? Bipartisanship? I did ramble, I know, so this is a fairly open discussion.