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Global Warming Is it true or Not?


Registered Member
From National Geographic to local newspapers I'm sure you've heard about global issues. Mostly, scientists have been studying this issue.
Sometimes they exaggerate things just so they keep our interest.

How do we know if this global warming is true if we can't out to see for ourselves?
Is this polar ice really melting? If it's still rising in America or Canada then how can we still go to the beach?
Even if not the beach then any ocean that you can stand by the seashore?
The weather over here is cooler more months then hotter.

So does anyone know if the global warming is true or is it just a myth?


Creeping On You
Umm...climate change is a proven thing. Look at all the climate disasters already happening. There's no question that its happening. I doubt anyone anymore believes it isnt after this years events in various places. This summer was crazy stupid in winnipeg weather wise. Like nothing I've ever experienced and every year its worse. 3 months of 30C+ temps is a sure sign of climate change, considering that growing up we were lucky to get a few weeks of that in july.

There's still some people who think overloading the atmosphere with more carbon than it can handle wont have an effect. They probably also think that pouring water on a sandcastle wont knock it down.


Embrace the Suck
No it’s not. Natural disasters have been occurring for billions of years. At one point this entire planet was one big ball of fire. You’re bringing up anecdotal occurrences and drawing a conclusion. It has NOT been proven. In fact, most of the evidence points to man having very little, if any, effect on the climate.