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Global Warming convention lacks luster this year


not a plastic bag
PRUDEN: Turn out the lights, the party's over - Washington Times

I didn't even realize there was a global warming conference. Last year Copenhagen was like Ringling Bros. was in town, this year nobody cares. Amazing how quick perception on global warming changed. Tells me the economy has gotten a lot worse globally in a year and climate change is now way down the list.


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Climate change was pretty much the only thing they were talking about on BBC International the other night.


not a plastic bag
Maybe its just a US thing then. I remember the Copenhagen summit being a rather big deal and all of the top politicians flying over there. It doesn't seem like anyone really cares this year.
Which, I'm cool with of course.


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Apparently wikileaks has uncovered some of the Copenhagen shenanigans.


Maybe the failure at Copenhagen used up all the political capital they were willing to spend on this issue.