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    A global leadership poll that the World Public Opinion released to Newsweek revealed the world's low opinions of "top" international leaders. While we hear how Bush's rating continue to decline, other leaders have not raised theirs either.

    Residents of 19 countries answered when asked how much confidence they have in each leader to "do the right thing regarding world affairs"...

    Favorable Response (a lot/some confidence):

    32% Putin
    30% Brown
    28% Hu Jintao
    26% Sarkozy
    23% Bush
    22% Ahmadinejad

    Imagine if Brown wasn't looks like autocratic leadership has relatively inspired more confidence lately.

    Anyway, overall rating is still low. One of the conclusions is that most people polled seem very unhappy about the state of the world and do not see any of the current leaders to significantly take on a good world leadership role to try to solve some of the most worrisome crises (Darfur was mentioned).

    Top Ten of the Cranky Countries (country whose residents gave more negative ratings than others about world leaders):

    1. Palestinian Territory 84%
    2. Jordan 69%
    3. Egypt 68%
    4. Turkey 66%
    5. USA 65%
    6. France 57%
    7. Spain 56%
    8. Mexico 56%
    9. UK 52%
    10. Argentina 51%

    Is this a reflection of how people feel about their own conditions? China and India (two fast rising powers) came out as top 2 countries that gave more favorable ratings to the world leaders (even Bush got a 41% confidence rating).

    Some Questions: What do you think of the survey? Do you feel the global pessimism or are you satisfied with the way the world leadership is addressing the current world problems? How do you think this coming US elections will change/affect this sentiment?

    * I'm not sure if the survey/article is up online so I can't give a link. I just wrote this after reading my Newsweek (intl edition, june 23, pages 27-32) - that's my source. *
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    I don't where it comes from, but I'm quite the pessimist at times and I think it's because I seem to call out flaws and problems with people a lot quicker than congratulate them for their shortcomings. Also keep in mind that the news in the US does not focus so much on the positive. If Bush was at a hospital supporting the construction of a new Children's Cancer wing, it would get maybe two, three minutes tops of coverage on a few stations (all owned by FOX no doubt) because burning buildings, public sex, and political turmoil are much better sellers.

    Basically, we see a lot of negative in this world because that's the marketable half. I think the real question is why do people enjoy chaos and bedlam so much.
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    I was wondering whether people are indeed most likely to hold on to extreme or dictatorial leadership to provide them hope in the light of feeling pessimistic about life (and yes, also thanks to overexposure to dreary information).
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    I guess this poll is problematical, because it throws all different kind of leaders into the same pot. Thus, the generalizing numbers don't say much.

    For example, take Ahmadinejad. I am sure he scored very high confidence votes in the Muslim world, maybe somewhere between 70% and 80%, easily outclassing the other leaders on the list, while Bush probably is at the ultimate bottom, with a few percents only.

    Exactly the opposite when you ask Americans: Ahmadinejad is likely going to lead the US shit list, many even considering him the embodiment of evil, next to Hitler and bin Laden, resulting in a confidence of a few tiny percent only.

    So it doesn't take wonder no leader gets more than slightly above 20%, because one side of the world hates them, while the other loves them. But the approval rate is extremely varying from one part of the world to the other.
    So I guess this poll would be more interesting, if it showed which peoples answered how, instead of just meshing it all together in one general ranking.
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    Actually he didn't. The highest confidence rating he got was 44% and that was from Egypt. Other middle east countries have rated him worse.

    In fact, scanning from the country list, I haven't seen anyone get a score abouve 70% (unless you count the Chinese and Russians saying their own leaders is a good world leader). Other than that, no other country leader has ever particularly inspired people in other countries (and in majority of the cases, they also scored low in their own countries). And that's where the pessimissm trend comes out.

    Ban Ki-moon got a good score (but I think they put him in another category because he isn't a leader of a country).

    Found some links finally:

    Press Release
    Country by Country Results

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