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Glenn Beck final show tonight


Problematic Shitlord
It's not really gutsy, it's necessity since his ratings have been falling significantly and with the internet crowd growing more and more each year it will make it easier for him to reach his target audience.


not a plastic bag
The thing I wonder is how will the rest of the media react when Beck's no longer in the echo chamber. For example, I guess Jon Steward plays a lot of clips from Beck which really only helps the Beck brand. I just can't imagine Steward playing anything off an internet show. If you didn't see it happen on an internet show, you didn't see it happen because nobody talks about it from there. Then again, it may be the future of news programs, I don't know. The nightly news programs on ABC, NBC and CBS are dead. Many newspapers are dead. I consider anything that's never been tried on this scale to be gutsy because you are putting yourself out there to fail.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I don't see it as a huge deal just because (as with Keith Olbermann) I wouldn't be surprised to see him ending up on another channel...and if not TV, he'll still be talked about with radio, internet, etc. So it doesn't feel like a departure.

MiT, s a regular watcher of Stewart and Colbert, I haven't seen much Beck stuff in recent months. He used to always be the center of a lot of great bits, but things have quieted down with him. It's possible that they'd use clips from the internet show, because they don't cover only TV. But it really just depends on what he's saying there and on how much attention it gets.

But yeah, my impression is that it wasn't a gutsy move sort of situation, but that his ratings weren't doing that well. That's what I remember hearing, at least. But his internet project will still be linked with Fox, so it's not a huge departure.