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TV Glee Season Two


A Darker Knight
It's only a matter of time before Kurt realizes Dalton (sp?) isn't the right school for him and return. That's what I'm betting on. Unless they're going to keep having ties between New Directions and the Warblers, Kurt is going to have to come back.

That or they plan to kick Kurt's character out of the show, but I doubt that.


Well-Known Member
I'm not bothered if they kick kurts character. He was turning into a whiny douche. And if they do bring him back, maybe the gay dude from the Warblers will come along too and stop all kurts whining.

Anyway, I finally caught up on the 6 episodes I missed. They were all great except the xmas one. They should have just skipped that altogether. No-one needs Glee christmas songs, and I actually skipped through each time they started singing.

And i'm pretty sure they did a huge break last year. Didn't they do like 10 episodes or something, then stop for a couple months?


I'm with Imp, Kurt could go & I wouldn't really care. I find his character to be far more annoying than Rachel. She definitely has turned into a monster, but like I've said, she's cute... so she gets a pass. Haha.

I find myself skipping songs once & a while too. Mainly the ones Kurt sings. Haha.

I'll be looking forward to the storylines between Finn & Rachel, possibly even Finn & Santana... along with Will & Emma (please get rid of Stamos haha) & even Quinn & Sam.... kind of.


Haters gonna hate.
Brittney in the holiday episode was absolutely ADORABLE. She is my favorite now besides Santana. The two of them are great.


Registered Member
i tried really hard not to like this show but its soo soooo soooo funny! i still dont enjoy the music, i dont have tv so i watch it online and fast forward through the music most of the time... i love becky and brittany, theyre my favourite characters, rachel and finn annoy me, and i think santana is hot


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Are you talking about the first pilot episode? I think they aired that in the spring just to get audience response or something. they had already planned on starting the season in the fall.

Rachel has been getting mad annoying as the season progresses. She's been getting more and more self-centered and irrational. In season 1, it was kind of funny and part of her character, but I feel like it's more destructive now and makes her character seem more unappealing and desperate. :-/
Yep, the pilot and the midseason break that I thought it was Season 2 already but it was part two of season 1, haha.
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