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TV Glee Season Two


Tonight's episode was pretty good. Glad Puck is back. Sue was really funny in the beginning. Songs were okay, not really a fan of any of them.

Next week's episode looks pretty good. Paltrow is guest starring and I heard "Umbrella" being performed.


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Damn, I need to catch up. These breaks have thrown me off, I didn't even realise I had missed one, let along two.


Last night's episode was another good one. "Forget You" was good and so wasn't "Singing in the Rain/Umbrella". I take back some of the bad things I said about Paltrow in a different thread. She did a good job. I hope she makes other appearances.

Not sure how next week's episode will be? Looked iffy from the preview.


Ohhhhhh nooooooo! Not Finn & Rachel. Haha. He gonna start dating Santana?

Brittany continues to make me laugh every episode. Puck has also made me laugh.

I'm excited for the Christmas episode. I always enjoy holiday episodes.


The next new episode isn't until February 6th. That is a HUGE hiatus. It makes the bullshit Family Guy pulls bearable. Haha.

The Christmas episode was good. I like the storyline between Rachel & Finn. Rachel looks hot sad. Hahaha.


Haters gonna hate.
Rachel does look good when she is sad...


This month or so is going to suck without my Glee.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Wow that's a long time off. But I remember during season one and they'd take several months off from the first ep to the rest, and sometime in between.


Once they come back, there will be 12 new episodes coming... so that'll get us until around the end of April (unless they have more hiatuses, and then it'll be even later). So, I guess I can wait for the new ones. Plus, the one of Feb 6th is football related & then 2 days later we get Glee on its regular night.


A Darker Knight
Wow that's a long time off. But I remember during season one and they'd take several months off from the first ep to the rest, and sometime in between.
Are you talking about the first pilot episode? I think they aired that in the spring just to get audience response or something. they had already planned on starting the season in the fall.

Rachel has been getting mad annoying as the season progresses. She's been getting more and more self-centered and irrational. In season 1, it was kind of funny and part of her character, but I feel like it's more destructive now and makes her character seem more unappealing and desperate. :-/


Babeasaurus Sex
I'm not as keen on Rachel anymore. I agree with Shwa. She's turned into a bit of a douche!

I LOVE Brittany. She just CRACKS ME UP!!! That magic comb thing was too cute! I miss Kurt though. (On a side not why isn't he touring)

I LOVED the holidays one and I LOVED Sue when she did the famous Grinch song :) epic
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