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TV Glee Season Two


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Britney episode was good for me in the sense that it showed another part of Britney, not just a dumb blonde cliché. She's really talented.


A Darker Knight
oh my god Britney can dance! She was so hot in that episode. Get her out of that cheerleader outfit. Jesus.

That episode had no plot movement whatsoever and had sex appeal instead.

I don't mind.


Well-Known Member
So, i've given in to downloading these. Apparently they aren't airing here until January!! I actually didn't mind the rapping, it didn't sound too bad to me anyway. I loved the Sue walking into the bathroom and screaming shut up part too. Ep.2 here I come...


I really liked the Grilled Cheesus episode. Which is surprising, I usually shy away from anything religious themed.

Quite a few funny moments. And definitely some sad ones.

I really enjoyed both Puck's and Finn's songs.


Registered Member
i started watching it when season 2 started, i enjoy the non-musical part of it and i usually really enjoy musicals, the songs are too over produced leaving a really hollow stereo sound to them... i love the super full in your head kind of sound not the tin box tv sound. thats what i think. maybe if i put it on my ipod it would be intense and passionate enough for me to appreciate?


Try the Glee CDs, I bought the first two for Jasz and they were actually really good. And the quality was great.


rainbow 11!
i love the rapping, empire state of mind was great in my opinion.

i absolutely hated the cheezus episode though. no thanks, not a fan of religion


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
i love the rapping, empire state of mind was great in my opinion.

i absolutely hated the cheezus episode though. no thanks, not a fan of religion
Oh yeah? I thought you'd like it because it's not so much religious as it is about religion. Plus Kurt and Sue had awesome lines.

I liked the episode too for the family element.


Registered Member
Also I'm really afraid it's going to turn into a High School Musical where people will suddenly burst into song. The Telephone scene just came out of nowhere. I was like...wtf?
I was thinking the same thing ... I remember watching an interview with Cory Monteith quite possibly and he mentioned that Glee is not a musical, it's a comedy show with music, in more or less words. Then I watched the first ep of season two ... and was just like ... well eat your words Cory Monteith. The first season was great because it was the show and not a musical, but I'm the same as you in the sense I'm afraid it will turn into a high school musical.

Also, really enjoyed the Britney episode. That girl is seriously talented, and her character makes me crack up.
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