Glasses, Contacts or Neither?

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

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Do you wear glasses or contacts? Or are you lucky enough to not need them?

I wear glasses and contacts at times. Glasses are convenient because contacts are annoying sometimes.


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I wear glasses, but not all the time, however, they broke. They are Ray-Ban memoflex as in you can bend them, and they go back into shape. I had them for almost 2 years, and one leg snapped, then a couple of days later the other one snapped. [Weird]


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I wear just glasses. I just don't like the idea of contacts... The idea of sticking my finger in my eye. I know everyone says they're really easy but it's just a hang up i have. Besides i think glasses suit me so i have no problem wearing them.

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I don't need to wear either... which is good for me because I can't imagine putting contacts in my eyes, like wooly said, I just don't like the idea of it. I guess I wouldn't mind wearing glasses. I have good eyesight though which is surprising considering the amount of time I spend staring at a screen.


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Just eyeglasses. I have two pairs I alternate (since my daughter broke a pair a few months ago). I only wear them when I'm watching a movie or something on the telly. I don't like contacts or the idea of putting something directly on my eyes. I think contacts are more convenient though, unless you lose them at some point (putting or removing).


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I wear contacts most of the time. I only wear my glasses after I've taken out my contacts to get ready for bed.


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I have pretty good eyesight so I don't need to wear glasses or contacts, I imagine that having the contacts that you could wear for a long time wouldn't be all that terrible until they fall out when you're wrestling or something.