Giving up your bed


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When guests come to stay in your house, and either the spare room is full, or you don't have one, do you feel obliged to give up your bed for the night and sleep on the couch, or make the guest sleep on the couch?

I'm not sure where I sit with this one, but I hate giving up my bed, and having strange people sleep in it. Is it wrong to be selfish and not give it up to someone you have offered to let stay at your house?


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it depends on who it is. If it were my MIL and FIL yeah I'd give up my bed. Someone younger than me, I probably would not give up my bed.
I used to give up my bed all the time for anyone who stayed over (as my guest. for other guests who were sleeping over, we have a spare pull-out bed downstairs). It was usually just one of my cousins or my friends, and I'd sleep on the floor. But now we're all older that seems weird, and more customary to just make them up a 'bed' on the floor and I stay in my own bed. I don't know why that changed as I got older, really.


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Pft, yeah right.

Nah, never gave out my bed to anyone, you're a guest, you sleep on the floor because karma is a bitch.


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if it's for my mom or sister or someone like that, I usually just sleep with them. I pretty much sleep like the dead, so it's not like I'm going to bother them by moving around...and they won't bother me because I sleep so hard.

Honestly, I'd rather someone sleep in my bed and I sleep on the couch, but that's b/c I don't want to have to keep quiet when I'm wanting to be up and moving around.

but, when my younger siblings stayed new years weekend with me, they camped out on the couch/floor.


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We only have one bed in the flat and it's a double bed. We don't have a sofa - just two chairs in the living room so my boyfriend and I have to sleep in the bed.
Nixola is the only person to have stayed over so far though and my mum let me borrow her blow up bed lawl.


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I used to give up my bed a lot for guests when I lived at my parents home.
These days, if there's no spare bed in my home I'll find a neighbour who is willing to put my guests up.


It depends on who the guest is and how many times they had a sleepover.
If it's a first-time guest, I'd give up my bed to sleep on the floor.
When mom's friends came to us to sleep just one night, she and dad gave up their bed.
I think it was appropriate in that case.

I don't know ... it depends on the situation .


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I always thought I was wrong if I didn't give up my bed to people. I've never given up my bed to any of my guests. It would feel strange to me having them sleep in my bed.

I'm not totally against it if someone asked me to give up my bed I would, it's just never something I've done before.