Giving up on classes


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Have you ever been in a situation where you've just had to decide to quit now and end the continuous frustration?


I just had to make this decision, not one I've made often in my college career. It was my "Finite Math" course, my last math requirement for my business degree. There's really nothing much more frustrating to me than hitting a metaphorical brick wall in my studies, and that's exactly what this class has turned out to be. I'm not catching on to this instructors teaching style and its hurting me in the long run. So I had to make the decision to drop it now and just pick up my lost hours back at work.

Obviously I'll have to take it again, but you can bet I'll be looking for another instructor.


So how about you? ever been in this type of situation either College or High School where you've done all you can do and still are failing miserably? What did you do?


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Yeah when I went to college a couple of years ago I dropped a class because I didn't like the teacher and I really didn't need that credit to get my diploma. I just didn't care for it to be honest, I didn't really learn anything in the class, so after a month I decided to drop it.


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In VCE you can drop a subject and since I am VCE next year, I am thinking of dropping a subject, yet I love most of them and I find them enjoyable, as much as I want to drop Maths, I know I will regret it and I am not allowed to drop it.


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Yep, i took the choice to not take my Intergrated Studies exam for my GCSE's because i didn't need it for anything and i did shit on my mocks anyway, and i fluncked French because i hated the teachers and the subject altogether.

Edit: Oh yeah, i failed my Textiles exam too, i had to take it but i wasn't doing very well in the classes anyway.
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I almost dropped a course (Asian History) in college because the professor was beurky and I'm really about to fail it. But I had to think of the costs and the time (and the idea of going through the same studies and tests, meh). So I talked to the professor and asked if there was still a way for me to pass it, like a special project. He gave me one. If he didn't, I would have dropped it than fail it. Failing looks worse on the records.


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Just last year I was in Spanish II and I had the craziest teacher ever, she thought that she was doing a great job teaching us Spanish but every single person in the class (including one that lived in Columbia until age 6) agreed that she was a horrible teacher and didn't teach us anything. But my teacher grew up in Spain and Spanish is actually her first language and English is her 3rd, she also knows Portugese.

This class was ridiculous though, we had to do this thing called a Verb notebook, you had to make a very detailed graph with conjugations, gerund, tenses, etc. for 500 verbs, each verb had it's own sheet of paper because it took up so much space, it was ridiculous but she insisted that it would help everyone in Spanish III, definitely not. At the end of the year most people burned their verb notebooks in celebration that they never had to go back to that class again.

I was very tempted just to quit sometimes, it was a horrible class and I hated it so much.

I barely pulled off a D thanks to an inhuman amount of work and studying at the end of the final Semester.
In high school Maths was a problem and I struggled. We could choose from easy or hard Maths. I chose hard, realised my mistake and tried to change to easy but was told it's too late. I just worked harder and did not give up.
I dropped my math class last year because there was too much confusion about the scheduling and that meant I had to be at class by 8:00 am and I know I wasn't gonna make that.

Now my international relations class I'm taking now is pretty damn hard, the quizzes are like a fucking essay and it seems that the mid-term are gonna be "easier" to deal with.


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I dropped Psychology at A-level after the first year as it bored me to stupidity.

I never liked the teacher anyway, it might be a coincidense but all my favourite lessons were with my favourite teachers.

I decided to do maths instead, which has worked out quite well now I look back at it.


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I've never dropped out of a course/class when I was in High School and I haven't dropped out of one in college. I don't intend to drop out of classes/courses. I like to try my best.
I came very close to dropping out of my maths class when I was in my last year of high school and doing Business instead, but I had also done business and needed to do my maths, so I decided against dropping it. I hated and ended up getting a shit grade, but oh well.