Give up meat?


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Lets say you were asked to give up meat for one whole month, do you think you would be able to do it?

Personally I wouldn't be able to do it, I eat meat almost everyday, and I wouldn't be able to find something to eat for a whole month that is not meat. I could do it for one week maybe two but that's pushing it. I couldn't do it for one whole month though.


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If you could do it for two weeks, why not a month? Just eat the same things you ate those two weeks for an extra two weeks.

I'm pretty sure I could do it. I actually want to give up meat. I love meat and my mom cooks it almost every night for dinner so it's hard not to eat it, but I think I could do it if I really tried.


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By meat you mean pork, chicken, beef, and the likes, right? I could do it. I just need a good reason to do it and give me motivation. I'll most likely stick with pasta dishes and potatoes. I also like seafood and some vegetables so no problem.


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Giving up meat for a month would be ok for me, I don't eat much meat anyway. But milk products would be a different matter. I could not avoid cheese, milk or yogurt for a month. I also love fish and don't want to avoid it for a too long time.

But if there was a good reason to give up meat, I could do it, as long as I have cheese, milk and fish.


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I already do not eat any red meat, pork, or processed meat.

Chicken and Turkey are the only meats I eat. Pepperoni on pizza is the pretty much my only exception to the rule...

If you asked me to give up meat for a month, I could do that. I think it would be quite easy as long as I don't get pizza.

Wait does that include fish? I eat a good amount of fish for dinner usually.


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Its really going to depend on the definition of Meat.

Alot of people dont consider Fish or Poultry part of the Meat category, also some will include Poultry but not Eggs.

For me its largely going to depend on whether or not I can eat eggs and broth.

as long as I can have Eggs I can sustain myself very fine for longer than a month if need be, heck I could seriously go a year without eating any other non-vegetable food besides Eggs. I mean just the sheer non-meat combos I can do with Eggs! I know I've already gone a month eating nothing more than eggs but managed to make a different combo plate every day.

I mention the broth because that'd be my next staple, I make a kickass broth soup largely based on beef bouillon, shitake mushrooms, and other fresh veggies.


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I could do this pretty easy. I did it for lent last year. It was hell, but I got through it. I just had to find substitutes for what I would usually eat.
I could do it if someone put a gun to my head and said "DO IT" :lol: But otherwise, no. I wouldn't want to, and I'd have a very hard time with that. I eat meat everyday-ish and I can't cook very well so it would be hard to find a substitute.


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I could do it if I put my mind to it, but I wouldn't want to because I eat meat too much and like the taste of it too much to want to do it, but I could do it, if someone made a bet with me or something.