Girls' suprapubic jewels: the new threat to college men


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Vajazzling, The Newest Threat To Your College Son | ChristWire

This article is disturbing in so many levels. I didn't even put this in the religion forum even if the source is "religious". I think it's more of a reflection of a mentality that's way way way behind.

There is a grave and sinister new threat facing our college sons nationwide. College girls are now “vajazzling” their privates with jewels in efforts to tempt our solid, young men into fornicating with them and having babies.

Females are distracting young men from their studies, hindering their academic progress and dreams of becoming the doctors, lawyers and corporate executives of the next generation.

In these hard times, male college students are more focused than ever on their studies and building lifelong associates, and references, by joining fraternities and other extracurricular organizations.
This trend has caused females to resort to patently whorish methods in order to distract young men from their heart’s true desire in college: study and become successful.

In the 1950s and before, things were much better on campuses nationwide. At that point in time, women were still more inclined to stay at home and raise a family, as nature intended.

Colleges were the place where men of a proper background and upbringing would go, to further edify their academic savvy in a course of study to gain perspective, leading to professional status.

This process was hindered during the 1960s, where a resurgence of liberal thought caused a massive flurry of atypical students to plague the university classrooms. Women could not only focus on study, however; short skirts, drunken sorority parties and constantly being in heat lead them to victimize their male counterparts, with sexual temptation.
You see, parents, females instinctively desire to seek out a quality mate and tempt him to have children with her. We cannot fully fault college girls for being a victim of their feeble, near-sighted minds. It is innate to the XX gene-set.
Even now, college females are relentless in their efforts to tempt, subdue and trap a mate. There is only so much a study-weary, homesick and naive young men can do against such odds.

So that leads to today, where college female students are now “vajazzling” their private areas. They are adorning their erogenous suprapubic area with jewels, and then trying to tempt men to follow the sparkles right to a place where only the married belong. You get my drift.

This behavior is nothing short of whore antics. I wish I could say I was surprised, but as should be known, it is rare to find a woman who does not have a cheating, slutty and whorish side to herself. This dangerous vajazzling trend is just another part of the downfall of America.

Studies show that 60% of college graduates are now women, only 40% men. This is due to the fact that young men are being forced to drop out to take care of babies, while women get government assistance and can continue their degree course after having their babies.

Parents, please warn your sons about these whores. And if you have a college daughter, at least talk to her and tell her to keep her antics to herself, not using her vajazzled groin in attacking young men at fraternity socials or at late night study hall meetings.


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It's really sad that there are still people who think this way - that we were much better off as a society when women stayed home and stayed uneducated.

but lol @ "whore antics"


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Yeah I pity the women in this guy's life. He also says "I wish I could say I was surprised, but as should be known, it is rare to find a woman who does not have a cheating, slutty and whorish side to herself. " -- and it's causing the downfall of America.

He must really be angry with Eve. :lol:


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A FREE THINKING woman? With SEXUAL FREEDOM? Temping my young son with her fiendish THINKING and INDIVIDUALISM?

In other news:

Go fuck yourself ChristWire and all of you gullible enough to still believe that all women are demonic cock chasers just because they've decided they prefer thought and sustenance in their life over spending half their lives as brood chambers.


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There are woman outside of the kitchen????! !!!! J/k lmao

although I do agree that some girls are dressing overly slutty these days, this guy is pretty overboard. I'm pretty sure that when a gal gets up in the morning and picks her clothes, she's not thinking "hmmm, what can I wear that will distract guys the most and make them fail!".


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Yeah. I was surprised that they had the time to adorn their vaginas with jewels, when they should be in the kitchen.

I lol'd at this article. Distracting college boys from their studies. hahaha


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LOL @ trying to tempt men to follow the sparkles...

Like men need women to vajazzle their vajazza's. Pfft!

What a good laugh this was. Anyhoo, let me run back to the kitchen before my SO sees me posting without his permission!


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lol @ whorish methods
And LOL @ trying to tempt men to follow the sparkles. Since when have we had to "tempt" men into sleeping with us???

Seriously, what kind of horseshit is this?


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OMG!!!! Vagazzle looks soooooo cool!!!! I'm enrolling in college right now!!!! LOL!!!! I think the writer of that story is going to give it more attention than if they would have just left it alone..... I like the picture in the story though.....