Girl survives 14 story fall!


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It's good that she survived. And very soft landing you say? sounds like she wasn't hurt very badly either (Not saying she wasn't hurt, but not nearly as much as one would normally be from a 14 story fall).
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how did she fall down the chimney? Must have been an old house or else she took some things apart.

She broke her leg that's a bummer but she's lucky to still be alive.


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I'm glad she emerged from that accident relatively unscathed, she could have been seriously injured...


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I jumped off a 2nd story roof of a house once and totally laid on the ground knocked out. When I came to, my ankle was highly bruised, and in a ton of pain and I thought I was lucky. Wow.
She fell 14 stories down a chimney
WOW! Luckily she had one of those chimneys that went straight down. Over here, we have one that goes straight down, turns and goes down again. If she went down that, she would've came crashing down on some bricks.
Big whoop.

It's just the way you fall.

My BT teacher fell 30 some ft off some scaffolding and didn't hurt a single thing in his body. He knew someone who fell not even 3 ft and broke his ankle in like, 3 places.