Girl Scout Cookies! Finally!!!


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If you've been in the chat room much recently you probably knew I had been waiting fucking forever for my Girl Scout Cookies to arrive. Well I finally got them. I think I had been waiting at least two months, probably more. Mmmm, thin mints.

I think we probably had a thread about this, but what kind of Girl Scout Cookies do you guys like?


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Thin mints as well. But those are the only kinds I've had.

They are so good though. You can buy pretty much the same thing at Wal*Mart now though. Wal*Mart is even trying to push the girl scouts out of business now I guess.

Luckily the Wal*Mart version isn't quite as good. I prefer the real deal. :)
Girl Scout Cookies...?
It might be a US thing. They might have something similar in the UK but I wouldn't know for sure.
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i love thin mints. classic.
i love to nibble the chocolate coating off the "tips" of the coockie, then use it like a straw to drink milk. yumm yumm yumm.

and tagalongs. i love the chocolate peanut-buttery goodness ^_^


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I never had girl scouts in my area, but never been big on cookies in general so i'm not here nor there on this one