Girl beaten unconscious on video by highschool peers


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Has anybody else seen this?

8 cheerleader girls and 2 boys filmed themselves as they beat up another cheerleader from their school.

They have been arrested and will not be able to go back to their school and will have to go to a school for problem students. They will all be under house arrest, cannot contact each other, they cannot use the internet, especially chat rooms, youtube, myspace, etc.

They could also face up to life in prison for kidnapping this other girl and beating her up.

FL teens face house arrest - MSN Video

Hopefully they are made serious examples of. Filming beatings has been growing in popularity lately and kids considering this need to realize that the penalty can be very severe.


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I hope they do have to serve significant time in prison. That kind of shit is absolutely disgusting.
I can't even begin to understand things like this. It makes me so sad that some kids think stuff like this is ok.
I think I read this morning that they are being charged as adults, I hope they spend a long time behind bars, they were all old enough to know that there would be consequences for what they did.


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I agree, and according to that video they are being tried as adults. As well they should be. Don't tell me a highschooler doesn't know it's wrong to kidnap another student and beat them unconscious gang style. It's absolutely wrong and they know it.

They definitely need to be made examples of. They probably had no clue how much trouble they could get in for this but that shouldn't have any effect on how much trouble they end up in. They should each get very long sentences for their part in this crime and the news should cover it as much as possible to make sure that others see just how much these girls have messed up their lives by their bad choices.


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Hybrix said:
Filming beatings has been growing in popularity lately and kids considering this need to realize that the penalty can be very severe.
I disagree. I think they merely need to realize that they will be caught by the relevant authorities, and that there will be a penalty. Even the prospect of a day in jail is terrifying for most people imminently faced with such. People who commit crimes are typically under the impression that they will not be caught or punished at all. They are rarely simply willing to pay the price for their actions.

I, for one, have never committed a crime when it seemed likely that I would be caught and punished for it. In fact, never when buying or using illegal drugs did the severity of the punishment for getting caught enter my mind. The chances of me being caught, on the other hand, were a matter of concern for me. I doubt most people are all that different.
I saw this story a few days ago. They weren't even taking the situation seriously and were joking in the holding cell, saying that they wouldn't be able to make it to the beach later that day and shit like that.

I, quite frankly, am all for people recording their crimes. That just makes it easier to fully charge those dumb-asses later once they are caught. If you are stupid enough to record committing a crime, you deserve the higher penalties.


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Exactly. If they filmed it, they knew EXACTLY that they were doing. They need to get the full punishment.


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I think this is absolutely disgusting. I'm extremely pleased that they are being tried as adults. I hope that they are made examples of and don't get a slap on the wrist.

Why the hell would someone do something like that?


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Can I move over to America? Because this stuff has happened in the UK, and the offenders generally get a 'slap on the wrist' type of punishment...


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The utmost of severity needs to be expressed in their punishment, since they obviously don't understand the severity of their actions.

Do you know how close they could have come to killing this girl? I personally wouldn't gang assault someone unless i wanted to completely end their life, and if they expected to just "have some fun" or "prove a point" then they are completely retarded and they need to sit behind bars while their comprehension of their actions catch up with reality.

And it looks like peoples quest to make the next 'viral video' is getting way out of hand. Why is todays youth so god damn ignorant? I'm only 21... what did i miss? :shake: