Girl, 14, charged with assaulting cops


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A DRUNK 14-year-old girl accused of assaulting police at a Canberra school has been arrested. Police were called to the school after receiving a call from teachers regarding the girl's behaviour today.
Three police were attempting to take the girl into protective custody when they allege she hit one, bit two and spat on all three officers causing significant bruising and grazes.
The girl will appear before the ACT Children's Court charged with assaulting police.
Girl, 14, charged with assaulting cops |

Is it just me or are kids these days just getting more and more out of control? I would like to know what her parents are like as well.


OMG - 14 year old female assaulted 3 polices??
oh well...i'm surprised [not of her behavior because of the state she was in, I couldn't expect less] but how she managed to assault those 3 ...
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Well by the looks of it the police went in thinking she would just go with them because she is just a kid, but yeah seem kids can be easier under estimated these days.


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kids are starting to realize that the law can only go so far because they are underage

i remember just watching something on spike tv
It was a traffic stop and the cop opens the trunk
And a 13-14yr jumpd outta the trunk with a pistol
(naturally the cops run away, i mean who the hell wouldn't, a kid with a gun, **** that!)

Get this she goes to juve for like 4 months.... 4 months for pointing a loaded gun at cops

She hits 17-18 shoots and kills 2 cops...

Parents aren't doing the job
And the law is to loose for kids
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Either the girl is a tomboy or the officers are a bunch of softcocks.