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Girl, 12, told she can't play ball with boys


Sultan of Swat
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I read this article earlier today and I had to post it, I feel it's horrible that she got banned just because she was a girl, the rules weren't written before the season started and she been playing since second grade. I believe that she's right when she states that other parents are jealous that a 12 year old girl is beating there 12 year sons, that's the only reason why they've decided to change the rules and ban her in my opinion.

Thoughts on the matter?


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In the long run girls shouldn't play sports with guys.. but that's just a little league game.. if a boy is loosing to a girl he should have all the reason to feel embarassed.. and step up his game of course.. lol


Problematic Shitlord
It's just another case of gender barriers being unnecessary and condoning such activity as okay.


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The timing of the ban is indeed suspicious.


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I saw the link to this on Fark. I have no problem with mixed gender sports. It almost seems archeac to me to split them up. I can see the argument where certain sports shouldn't be mixed in.. but then again.. why not? Girls literally build their bodies for softball so why couldn't they do the same for football or other hard contact sports?


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They never said anything about a girls team so I'm going to have to assume that there was no girls team for her to play on. If she's playing on the team since the second grade then let her continue to play. The time to tell her she couldn't play was way back then.

And call me a sexist pig if you like: I gladly accept the label but I believe that boys should play on boys teams and girls should play on girls teams.


A Darker Knight
Why are all these weird reports coming from Fox? :-o


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That's against Gender rules.

So what if she is a girl? If she is in form as the other boys and likes that sport, she should defently be allowed to play.

It's like that boys are banned from skipping rope or playing netball.


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Seriously, I can see why girls shouldn't play sports with Boys. Especially basketball, but the timing of it, I can see the conern.

But in the matter of girls being allowed to play with boys in rec league sports. I disagree