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Ginyu Force vs Garlic Jr clan


Anonym0uz Bitch

Whats never going to happen? What we were talking about? If so then yes I know, because they are "what if" scenario's.


Ms. Malone
barfootboards said:
lol wow, you 2 really do have to argue over everythign dont you? lmao
Please don't spam! If you have a problem with this, PM me.

Piccolo said:
Frieza would have known about Ginyu's ability, and would have killed him instantly if he tried something.
I agree here. If Freeza did it with the Saiyans, he'd do it to Ginyu.

Anonym0uz Bitch

If you think about it, then why hasnt Ginyu already tried to swap with Frieza, either he knows Frieza is to quick for him, or Frieza has some type of move that can counter the body switching attack.