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Gillis Compares Global-Warming Skeptics to Opponents of Evolution


Free Spirit
Staff member
New York Times environmental reporter Justin Gillis's interview with the Columbia Journalism Review put his unapologetic "climate change" activism on display, and compared climate-change skeptics to people who don't believe in evolution. Read More Here
I never really thought about people that don't believe in climate change being like someone that doesn't believe in evolution. A lot of people don't believe global warming is real and some don't believe in evolution. It will always be that way but global warming is one of those things that could make living on earth a lot harder, not believing in evolution won't do that. I'm hoping some advances will be made that will help stop global warming because, as with many things, there comes a point where it will be too late.

Whats your opinion? Think global warming is real? What about not believing in it compares to not believing in evolution?
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