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Alright, it seems that every other week it's either somebody's birthday or a gift giving holiday. What days do you buy gifts for friends, family, etc?

Anybody else remember the Seinfeld episode where they buy a big screen TV for "The Drake?" George gets so mad that they are always buying gifts for every single event in all of their friends lives.

Anybody here working themselves into a gift giving frenzy?

Anjiru Ookami

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ME: I give money, or something that someone wants a helluva lot.
I don't take chances. Either give them a 100 bucks, or whatever the hell they've been begging life to throw at them.

Anjiru Ookami

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Wow, you've got some lucky friends, wish I had that kind of cash to spend on others.

I only give gifts on birthdays, at weddings, or events along those lines. I'm stingy.
Hehehe, I only give on certain holidays, weddings, birthdays, and every now and then random days where I feel giving. xD


Sally Twit
I like to buy a lot of personal gifts. I got my mum a calendar once which had her name somewhere on the picture in every month. I also got a mug for my boyfriend with his name on because he LOVES tea. One time I got a copy of the newspaper that came out on the day my gran was born - she loved it.
I don't like buying gifts not because I'm cheap, I just hate remembering all these special events. I have other things to do. =P

Ehhh... I usually buy for birthdays, Mother's/Father's day and Christmas. I try to ignore all the others and hope the people understand.

And yes, even "Boss Day". What a crock.


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I only buy gifts for parents and for my husband and kids. Oh and we are doing gifts for the neices and nephews until they are 4. There are just way too many family members to have to try and buy for so we've all agreed to not give gifts. I am trying to remember to send all the brothers and sisters cards but I'm failing miserab;y so far.


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Christmas = gifts to my family; cards for friends
Birthdays = gifts for my kids

Other occasions, I just give them a call or an email to say I've thought of them.
I tend to give gifts on birthdays and christmas, don't really tend to celebrate many holidays personally. I also give my partner another gift on his "name day" as he is polish and its something thats tradition to them.