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I have a real problem with gifting. I usually try to gift something that I think the person who receives the gift will find useful. Most of the time I only gift for Christmas and birthdays and don't tend to gift for minor occassions or other holidays outside of my family. The issue I have is that I think that I should gift more at times.. but I know everyone has their own gifting customs. I rarely gift anything substantial for birthdays outside of my kids and wife. I also have a hard time getting much more than a small "thinking of you" gift for anyone else. I don't usually like getting gift cards for anyone but kids/teenagers because it's easy to tell where they want to spend their money.

But, the point of the topic wasn't really about me gifting. I just think that I may have let myself become selfish when it comes to minor gifting and gifting to people who aren't close to my nuclear family. I wanted everyone to share their gifting philosophies and maybe share tips on how to find gifts for people who are very difficult to buy for.


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lol you said "gift(ing)" 14 times

I always go for gift cards. I think of a shop that I know the person loves because at least that way they can buy something they really want. I always worry they won't like what I've got for them but they're too nice to say anything.


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I buy gifts for immediate family for birthdays and Christmas, unless I am not going to be seeing the immediate family anytime near the time i'd give them a gift. That is generally agreed upon by the family so it's just the norm now and no-one feels left out. If there is someone i'm really not sure whether I should buy a gift for, I think back to whether they have bought me something in the past. If it's a new friend, then I buy them something, and if they don't get me something in return for my birthday, I won't be getting them anything again. I find gift giving awkward, so I really don't like doing it other than when I absolutely have to. I hope at least some of that made sense.

As for people who are difficult to buy for, I ask them. If they don't give me a straight answer, they are getting a gift card. I don't care if it's a generic gift, they had the chance to get something they wanted and they threw it away. Go get it yourself.
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Funnily enough, I was just talking about this tonight.
I like to give random gifts to suit peoples personalities... say for a girl, something cute to let them know I was thinking of them, even if it's a shell I found when out walking.

If I visit a friend, I might bring a cake or some biscuits [cookies] so not to call in empty handed. [It's still a gift.]

If friends have wee Children, and I call round, I might have a toy or sweety for the Child/ren.

When I die, I think I'll gift my organs, because one day, I might need a new kidney, so I know what a wonderful gift such things can be.

When I can [soon] since I don't do drugs and I'm a heterosexual male, I'd like to gift 'Blood' to a national Blood Bank.


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Depending on who it is, I buy different gifts accordingly. My parents usually tell me what they want for Christmas, and I tend to get them little things for their birthdays.

I tend to get slightly more practical things for my best friend and girlfriend.


i'll buy a gift only on occasions [bday] but i put much thought into it because i want the person to really like it and find it useful. i get tired a lot when buying a gift for someone. but i don't gift very often. i don't have the nerve.
i don't ask the other person what they like as a gift[as they'll never give an answer] but i try to understand their taste.
and i never use gift cards. i hate them. nothing is better than a gift card, imo.
I don't give gifts randomly, only on Christmas & Birthdays or if they're sick maybe. Unless I just happen to see something in a shop that would be perfect for someone, but even then I'm more likely to buy it and save it for future gifting time.

The exception is sending things in the mail. I like to do that all year round whether it's a special occasion or not.
For difficult people I usually go for unique gifts that aren't really useful as they are interesting. Example: for Christmas one of the things I got my dad all this space food. You basically add water, stir it and then it forms into whatever food was in the package.

Another would be creating my own "care package" with different items such as candy, breath mints, money, cologne, flowers, ect... Basically, anything I can jam into the package. Typically, they let me slide on the 'not-so-great-gift' because I put all the effort and thought into creating it myself. TEEHEE - easy victory!

Me, personally, I HATE getting gift cards. I rather have cold, hard cash so I can go to any store I want at any time I want. I hate being limited to one store and limited to the amount of time I have to use the card. Pssf... COLD, HARD CASH! I like to rub it on my face to smell like money and attract more money. =P
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I give gifts to my family and some of my relatives for Christmas. And usually just my immediate family for birthdays. I think the whole gift giving thing on holidays is kind of silly though. You shouldn't need a reason, like a birthday, to give someone a gift. I find gifting to be more meaningful when given at random times just out of generosity.


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i almost gift everyone i know friends family etc...i try not to count or think about it much i just share and give but if someone is blacklisted or i hate him or just hold something in mind about someone i can be meany and just add him to a black cell in my budy..