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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by palefrost, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. palefrost

    palefrost Registered Member

    Has anyone been asked to do this? I was wondering how popular this is for the holiday season. I wonder if it does increase sales for a seller. Personally i like to make sure i got what i purchased so would want to wrap it myself after i got it.

  2. Melos

    Melos Registered Member

    As a seller, I have offered gift wrapping and a custome printed gift tag with auctions starting at the beginning of November and continuing through the holiday season. I charged $3.00 extra for it, and got a lot of requests to do just that. I also shipped directly to the gift recipient for the people.
  3. Bunny_roses

    Bunny_roses what? no pink?

    that also scares me to have someone gift wrap something before they send it. I like to make sure that it's what I purchased hehe. however I have done it once from a lady that I buy bracelets from for my daughter. I had her gift wrap one and send it to my niece for her birthday. But I trusted her since she has always been so nice and I like her stuff. So I still buy from her ; )
  4. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    In theory having something wrapped sounds like a great idea, no need to do it myself and that's always helpful... but I'm afraid I like to see what I got, too. :nod:
  5. Melos

    Melos Registered Member

    You know, I have to add that I, personally, wouldn't want an auction purchase of mine to be wrapped up and shipped out to someone as a gift either. But, a lot of people liked the extra step done for them.
  6. palefrost

    palefrost Registered Member

    I can see using it for a repeat seller. You know them and trust what they are selling. I use a great gift basket service on ebay and she always does so wonderful kids baskets for easter and even birthdays. I can get anything inside the basket which really helps because i have pokemon fans and dora the exploror fans in the house! :)
  7. eldragon

    eldragon New Member

    I have, in the past - included free gift wrap and tags with someone's purchase. That way they see what the purchase and then wrap it themselves.
  8. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    I think the idea is good, but I'm not sure I would want the item already wrapped. I'd want to know that what was in the package is what I paid for. But, I guess I'm a bit cynical at times. :-/
  9. Plumley

    Plumley Registered Member

    Yup, I like to see what I bought, too, just to be sure it's what I expected and so I know what I'm giving. But if I needed something delivered soon and a seller I trusted would wrap the item and ship to the recipient, I would do that.
  10. hemisync

    hemisync Registered Member

    I too would be too afraid to have an item gift wrapped. For the most part I've been quite lucky in receiving exactly what i expected from auctions. But there's always that one where the item is totally misrepresented.

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