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Gift Ideas for Toddlers


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My son is going to be about a year and a half by the time Christmas rolls around. Anyone know of great toys/books/whatever that are great for the 1.5 - 2-year-old range?


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Toy animals, especially dinosaurs and jungle animals. Stuffed animals. Stacking cups and rings.


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so far i can think of 2 but the second is maybe closer to a 3 yr old. no it's not a rubiks cube. not all kids are genius.
i got this gift for my niece . i don't know what it's called but i'll describe it. the toy looks like a small meteor with these square spikes but it's completely safe. i think what you do is put batteries inside and it starts vibrating and hopping all around the room. it's very entertaining for the kid.

i would suggest lookng at educational toys when you're your son is about 3 he can maybe use it. also bought this fun toy that you can't find at any toy store. i think this one needs batteries also. it's 2 plastic boxes cubed shaped. on one block on each side is half of 6 different animals and on the other block is the back end of the animal. when they are joined together correctly it will make the sound of the animal. and if wrong it won't make any noise. so there's 6 animals with the sounds they make.

yes it's a neat idea nad that's why it called fun and entertaining toy.

one more suggestion is when i was a kid my mom bought me these rubber animals with noah's ark. i could bring them in the tub with me and play.
maybe your son is too young so you can save this for later if something like this is still around.