Gift Cards, good or bad gifts?


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So what do you think when somebody gives you a gift card?

I actually like the idea of gift cards a lot. Usually if it's at a store I want something at I don't mind at all. I got a gift card the other day and it's actually for a place that I will definitely use it, so it turned out to be a very good idea for a gift.

It's the gift cards for stores I never go to that bug me.

I usually use gift cards as a last resort though. If I can't find something decent for somebody I'll buy a gift card at a store I know they buy from.


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If you're buying the gift card for someone and know they shop at a certain store/outlet a lot then getting them a gift card full of money for them to use is the perfect idea. A lot of places sponcer their products through television (BestBuys, Bath and Body Works, Toys R Us, etc), having a gift card to any of those places or different is like gold to the receiver.



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God knows that if I get money, I can't resist blowing it at EB or something, I have a problem. T___T

Anyway, that probably makes it good that I have grandparents that normally get me Angus and Robertson gift card every birthday and Christmas, hoorah.

...I need to learn not to go off topic. D=

[Summary] I have nothing against gift cards. =D


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It's more thoughtful and less useful than giving them money. How you and your recipient value those two things determines whether or not it's a good gift.


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I love to get them..

I love my family and friends but their tastes are way different from mine.:nod:

I would rather get what I want, than wasting time standing in lines waiting to exchange their stuff for the stuff I wanted in the first place.

My family never listens to me...The DAD's Curse! So I have started to tell them gift cards pLeAsE!!! Besides they cost way less to send in the mail.

So I say YES to gift cards!!!!!! :nod::D:lol:


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I've always thought they were good gifts, but gradually my mom convinced me that they're not the "nicest" gifts to give. They're also not the most exciting ones to open either. Still, it's nice to have them.

If someone gave me a giftcard, I'd probably assume that they either got it last minute or didn't really know me.


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Gift cards are a good idea if the person you're giving the gift to is really picky.

Like me, my mom has given up on trying to pick out clothes that I want. She'll either get the color wrong, the size wrong, the store wrong, the style wrong, or... Something wrong.

So now she just gives me gift cards to the stores she knows that I like, so I can pick out whatever I want without her having to do it for me.