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Giffords' Husband To Visit Shooter's Parents


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I saw quite a bit about this on the news last night, and a bit more today, about the Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head in those Arizona shootings.
She is making remarkable progress btw, but I am amazed at her husband.
He was being interviewed, and not only was he so open and honest about everything he spoke of, and he is of course, very happy with his wife's recovery, but he also talked about how he was thinking about meeting the parents of the young man who shot his wife.
He said the parents should not be held responsible, and he said they are hurting too.
I haven't heard yet if he has went to visit them as of yet, but just speaking in regards to it, he shows great courage and strength and I'm sure harbors no ill feelings towards them directly.
Some people would tho, in the world, they would be pissed off at the parents for whatever reasons.
It has already been mentioned in the media that some are ill at the parents, saying they should have noticed their son's odd behavior and such.
So, I'm asking yunz here, how would you feel if you were in this man's (Giffords) shoes??
Would you be able to visit the parents of the person that shot your wife??


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yes i think i could visit the parents, parents can only do the best they can when raising a child im sure no parent wishes their child to become a killer. i would feel sorry for them they are probably blaming themselves for it already, questioning where they went wrong bringing thier son up.


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I would be able to do it but I don't see any reason why I should go out of my way to comfort them. I think saying they're not responsible is enough. I just don't see any reason why I should do it...seems like a PR move (I mean if I went out of my way, it'll only be for that reason).


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I don't think I'd want to. The shooter's parents are most likely emotionally distraught as well, but I think it would be too painful and probably awkward to come into contact with them.