Giants suspend troubled Burress for four games


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well you know he probably wasn't going to be physically able to play anyways lol does this suspension start when he is physically able? His court date has been pushed back until March.


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You make a great point. I doubt it does though, I think he's only going to get suspended for the rest of the regular season which means the last four games, and he's probably not going to play in the playoffs because of the injury is subtain while shooting himself in the leg.

I wonder if Goodell is going to do anything about this.


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I thought the same thing Blueyes did as soon as I read this on ESPN. Who gives a fuck if they suspend him, the dumbass shot himself in the leg! He's not going to be well for a long time and he'll probably be rehabbing in jail.


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He's been a big burden on New York this season and they really don't need him if he's going to be this way. Even a year or two in jail will mean his career as a player is over. Once he is out of jail he will have to serve at least a year suspension from the NFL and whatever team picks him up has to honor the four game suspension from the Giants. I have a feeling his once-promising career is over.

Good riddance. The NFL doesn't need clowns like that.


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He's actually carrying that 4-game suspension out now even while he's injured and not allowed to play in any playoff games or the pro bowl. A coworker came up to me today asking if I wanted a slightly used WR LOL

I'm an Eagles fan so this just killed me because we really do need one lol